Top 6 beauty trends of 2021

The past hasn’t been a complete dud. It’s made us reflect, contemplate and relook at our priorities. Even our beauty priorities. The New Year has brought with itself a new awakening of sorts, almost like letting go of the old and embracing the dynamic new. People want to feel renewed, and they no longer are shying away from experimenting. They are looking for new ways to break the monotony and infuse colour into their lives, very literally! And that’s exactly what the fashion brigade gave us – oodles of colour, and a ton of sassy styles.

So, in the spirit of looking forward, we’ve rounded 6 of the hottest, most happening beauty trends of 2021. Here are some of our favourites:

The 80s eyeshadow

The 80s are making a comeback in style! Especially the bold, brazen eye-shadow colours. Today, more and more Millennials and GenZ are rewinding to the 80s and playing up their eyes in technicolor and electric shades. Think shimmery pinks, royal blues, bright yellows, juicy oranges, funky reds, and every colour of the rainbow. And don’t shy away from textures – mattes, shimmers, and glosses. This OOT eye look is the new in-thing. Especially now with people wearing masks, eyes will be the primary focus. So play up your eyes really loud. After all, going the whole nine yards is this maximalist eye makeup and the hottest trend of 2021.

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Graphic liners

This year, eye makeup is ruling the roost. Graphic liners will be a big staple this year, and the possibilities are endless. You can opt for neons or glitter, mismatched colour, or bold hues, there’s nothing like a generous swipe of colour to brighten your eyes or the day. Break the bleakness, experiment with your look, go graphic, go creative – whimsical circles, squiggly lines, do it all. Take that classic winged eye, and make them fly. After all, 2021 is all about unleashing your inner artist and creating a masterpiece.

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Soap brows

The brow game is all set to reign the mighty 2021. And the trend that’s catching everyone’s eyes (or should we say brows?), is Soap Brows. This popular social media trend is considered to be the go-to trick for achieving rich, fluffy brows. And it’s exactly like it sounds – using a bar of soap to set your brows in place. Thankfully, the look of an undone eyebrow is the latest on the beauty block, and since most of us have had the chance to grow ours to its wildest best, it’s now time to give them some oomph. The best part about this trend is that it’s so easy. Just swirl your eyebrow brush in your bar of soap, and apply it on your lashes. It’s time to flaunt those brows!

Colourful mascara

The must-try trend has taken the internet by storm, and it’s none other than colourful mascara. Fresh off the runway and glossy editorial spreads, this one has caught the eye(lashes) of the masses. Choose from electric shades and neon pops to every colour of the rainbow. Mix, match, experiment, let your lacquered lashes be in the spotlight, and get all the attention they deserve. Because this year, low-key is out. Outlandish is in. So add those splashes of colour, amp up the quirk factor, sass up those lashes, and let your eyes do the talking.

Curtain bangs

Bangs are back with a bang. Inspired by the 90s, this no-fuss, no-mess look is easier to maintain and even easier to flaunt. The best part is that it flatters every hair type, and once they start to grow out, they add gorgeous layers that frame the face beautifully. This trend has managed to create the same amount of hype as the ‘Rachel Cut’ in the 90s. And while we’re focusing on the year ahead, this trend has us rewinding to the past. Curtain bangs are super cute and soften the face as they grow out. This means you can go without trimming for longer. Yay to that! All we can say is that this trend is a cut above the rest (pun intended, very much).

Hair accessories

After a year that lacked sparkle, people are eager to add more embellishments and experiment with hair accessories. A classy hair accessory has the power to uplift your outfit and take it to fashionable heights. It’s a great way of shaking up your style without investing in an entirely new wardrobe. Like a pretty line-up of pearl-embellished clips can make a rather dazzling style statement, and add pizzazz to your outfit. Apart from this, ornate headbands, the good old scrunchie, floral hairpins, pretty scarves, shimmery barrettes, metallic clip-on, and every imaginable hair accessory you can think of, is already trending. So get on board, play up your style, and let your hair down.

So there, you’re now ready to ace 2021 like a boss. These trendsetters are changing the beauty game and the colour game. Dare is the word on the block, and it’s all you need to zhuzh up your look. This year, beauty knows no rules. It’s all play, all colour, all expression, all out! Go beyond your boundaries, let your creativity flow, let your no-holds-barred attitude set new trends. Go girl, get your oomph on and seize the day!

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