7 FRIENDS inspired recipes to try at home

Waiting for the FRIENDS reunion, aren’t you? There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of the popular 90s sitcom. Being an ardent fan, I am eagerly waiting for the much-hyped reunion episode. I am sure many of you must have already watched the teaser – the one where they all get together. The very thought of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe walking together is enough to make us nostalgic, isn’t it?

Talk about food in the show and the one name that instantly pops up in our minds is definitely Monica (played by Courteney Cox). However, the rest of the gang had their own contributions to the same. So, let’s talk about some of the famous recipes from Friends that we can try making at home anytime. Dig in and indulge yourself in some magical nostalgia:

1. Monica’s lasagne

Remember the time when Mon made almost a dozen lasagne for Aunt Sylvia? However, the lady refused them at the last moment. But Monica made sure not to waste them and distributed them among everyone. Let’s give a tribute to her culinary spirit by making some lasagne at home, what say!

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2. The stolen cheesecake

A cheesecake accidentally delivered at your doorstep is definitely some miracle. Chandler was among the lucky people to find one and guess who helped him finish it off – our very own Miss Rachel Green. Unfortunately, the last one fell on the floor but both of them made sure to gorge that up along with Joey. Want to make one for yourself?

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3. Rachel’s fusion recipes

There was a reason why Monica never let Rachel cook and the latter proved the same during one of the Thanksgiving parties. The pages of the cookbook which she was using get stuck and she ends up making half a trifle and half shepherd’s pie. Well, don’t worry. You won’t be making such a disaster as we have got both the recipes ready.

Click here for the fruit trifle’s recipe

Click here for the shepherd’s pie recipe 

4. Joey’s pizza

Joey never shares his food! The handsome hunk might be an actor but his love for food was inevitable. Joey has shown his love for loaded pizza multiple times. So, why not we make one at home and gorge it ourselves too!

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5. The marshmallow hustle

Monica never left a chance to school Rachel. From chiding her over taking down the Christmas lights to asking her to put the marshmallows in concentric circles, she did it all. Well, Rachel had another place in her mind for the marshmallows and she did put them there – Monica’s nose (lol!).

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6. Phoebe’s cookies

It was heartbreaking when Rachel found out that Paolo made a move on Phoebe. The latter, knowing that, was sweet enough to bake the best cookies for her. Given the COVID-19 crisis, many of our friends or loved ones may be sad or depressed. Why not cheer them up with our own set of cookies?

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7. Joey style fried chicken

Well, Joey loved and ate only the skin and the rest of the chicken was up for a grab. Don’t worry. You will get it all if you make it at home (make sure not to let Matt LeBlanc know!).

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Apart from this, we can’t help but mention the iconic turkey that Monica wore to cheer up Chandler post chopping his toe, the raspberry jam that she made after breaking up with Richard, the hot pan of fajitas that a drunken Ross holds without his mitts, and Chandler’s sandwich that a pregnant Phoebe tries to resist her meat-cravings. Till then, happy binging!

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Article by Swetlana Neog 

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