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Hand washing, COVID-19 & more

There is not a single place in the world that has not been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the past year and a half. With the crisis still on the rise and the countries trying to combat the same, we ought to be further careful too. That one particular thing that the pandemic has definitely taught us is the importance of washing or disinfecting the hands. What better way to ensure the same than with handwashes, right?

Importance of washing hands

It is one of the best remedies to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria that cause flu, cold, and of course, COVID-19. It doesn’t take much of anyone’s time and a 20-second wash is enough to combat the unwanted substances. There are many ways in which your hand may come in touch with bacteria or viruses. The worst happens when you touch your face or rub your eyes with the same hands. In fact, numerous studies have even proved that people have the tendency to touch their faces multiple times a day. This gives us enough reason to frequently clean our hands.

Handwashing techniques

  1. First, wet your hands with clean water.
  2. Lather them up with some soap.
  3. Rub them properly for almost 20 seconds.
  4. Focus on the back of the hands, wrists, between the fingers, and also the fingernails.
  5. Finally, rinse the hands with water.
  6. Try to turn off the tap with the help of your elbows.
  7. Either air dry your hands or clean them with a towel.
  8. Use the same towel to open the bathroom door and later discard it on a laundry basket.

A better understanding of antibacterial soaps

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated that it hasn’t been proved if the antibacterial soaps are better than normal soap and water for preventing illness. So, stop worrying about what soap to use during this time and use anyone to keep yourself safe and hygienic.

Give the following soaps a try!

Himalaya Neem & Turmeric Soap

Mysore Sandal Bathing Soap

Hand sanitizers – Do’s & Don’ts

It is recommended to use a hand sanitizer that includes a minimum of 60% alcohol. However, hand washes with low alcohol levels are not much effective to kill germs.


  1. Squeeze a little sanitizer on the palm of your hand.
  2. Rub the hands properly including the fingers and the back.
  3. Keep on rubbing until your hands are completely dry.
  4. Keep them out of children’s reach and let them use it only under supervision.

Try out the following sanitizers

Lifebouy Hand Sanitizer 

Dettol Hand Sanitizer

When to wash hands?

  1. Whenever they get dirty.
  2. Before and after preparing food.
  3. Before having food.
  4. Before and after coming in contact with a sick person.
  5. Before and after treating a cut or wound.
  6. After changing the diapers of infants.
  7. After using the toilet.
  8. After sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose.
  9. After getting in touch with animals or their waste.
  10. After touching waste materials.

Have we missed out on any step or topic? Do leave your comments below. Till then, stay safe!

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