5 essentials you must carry while stepping out during COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over yet and the fight for the same continues in every country. While subsequent lockdowns and curfews have left us confined in our homes, there are times when we need to step out – either for essentials, vaccination, or similar purposes. There is no denying that it is extremely necessary for us to follow the protocol whenever we step out amid the COVID-19 crisis. While the mask remains significant to keep us away from infections, there are a few more essentials that we must carry when stepping out.

Here is a list of the essentials:

1. Hand sanitizers

They are the second-highest prioritized essentials just after masks. We may come in contact with several items like grocery bags, doorknobs, handles, etc. whenever we step out. So, it is extremely necessary that we keep our hands disinfected to prevent infection. BB Home has got the perfect sanitizers for you.

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2. Disinfectant wipes

These wipes from BB Home also help keep infection at bay just like hand sanitizers. They are easily disposable and have germ-killing solutions embellished within them. They are best for wiping hard surfaces like door handles, chairs, laptops, etc. However, we should never wipe our skin with the same. We should keep them in handy when stepping out and use them on things like cellphones and car handles which are often the breeding grounds of infection.

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3. Disinfectant spray

They are as effective as disinfectant wipes and can be used on all kinds of surfaces to avoid germs. We can use them to disinfect the surfaces of the things which we usually come in contact with that include doorknobs, cellphones, toilet seats, etc.

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4. Tissues

The BB Home facial tissues are must-have essential for every one of us. The best part is that we can use them anywhere – in cars, public vehicles, bathrooms, offices, etc. They can come in handy whenever we are coughing or sneezing, wiping our face, or handling items.

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5. Water bottle

It is very important to stay hydrated in every season. Moreover, we should avoid buying water bottles from outside stores as much as possible. Instead, we must carry a bottle with us every time to keep ourselves fresh and hydrated.

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Article by Swetlana Neog

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