Get bowled over with hearty & delicious soups

About soups

Nothing can beat a warm, hearty, yummylicious soup on a cold, wet day. On any other day, it is the easiest way to prep a meal that has all the healthy goodness everyone will love. Soups are easily digested and suitable for all even those who are on a diet or a medical diet. Throw in some cooked noodles or rice and there you go….savour it.

Utterly delicious soups

As the monsoon draws upon us, let us look at some utterly delicious and too good not to eat soups that are a must-prepare and will-enjoy.

All Vegetable Soup

The best way to have all your veggies is a thick all-veggie soup. Look into your refrigerator and pick out the produce that lends itself to a soup like carrots, cabbage, tomato, and so on. Cook and blend them all to make a refreshing, slurpy deli pot. What’s more, you can also the health benefits of all the vegetables notwithstanding your preference. Reinvent by adding roasted or sautéed ginger on top.

Basil Tomato Soup/Thick Tomato soup

Now, come on, who does not love thick tomato soup, especially with some crispy croutons floating on top? With its sing-along recipe and breezy cook methods, this pot promises a full and happy tummy tantalizing our taste buds for more. You can blitz in basil leaves, carrots to boost its healthy power but it is entirely your choice. Yes, it is genius to add crème to make it yummier.

Sweet Corn Soup

Chicken or not this is yet another all-time fav for most of us. What fun it is to pick out those corn kernels and devour them. Add your other favorites like capsicum, mushrooms. Get a little adventurous and add doodhi which many find otherwise boring. If you are a thoroughbred meat-eater boiled and shredded chicken is a must. You have an option of adding a few drops of soy sauce and go ‘goodness gracious, this is heaven!’

Mulligatawny Soup

This is our legacy, our heritage, and everything Indian, our very own comforting soup-meal rasam.  The ‘entirely Desi shorba’ this soup contains the heavenly mix of coconut milk, rice, dal, onion, and every other ingredient that goes into a soup. With a generous blend of aromatics, and a dash of garlic, ginger, with some squirt of lemon juice, it can be spicy for those who avoid pungent food. But who says that can’t be managed?

Rasam peppery style

Another hot soup that embodies Indian taste is rasam.  If for any reason you are suffering from a cold, runny nose, and all the works, go for this rasam. Spicy (you can manage the spice), lemony and delectable, the soup can work wonders and make you feel a lot better.

Thick palak soup

Get your quota of healthy greens. This soup is delightful what with lemon juice and crispy croutons adding to the fun. This soup can satiate and keep you happy for a long time, so why not give it a shot….we mean pot. Great!

Green pea Soup (hot or cold)

This bowl of tasty is utterly easy to make and totally delightful to eat.  A springtime favourite, just green peas, and veggies-in-fridge can be enough to make this burst of flavourful soup. The dahi that you will need to add gives it the volume and creaminess.

Broccoli Soup

Hate broccoli? Here have some soup. Give your unique twist to the bowl of soup and bowl everyone over, especially those who run away from broccoli. Don’t forget to grate some cheese on top and dip in a breadstick.

Manchow Soup

Chinese cuisine is so synced in Indian cooking that it makes for a whole new array of flavours. Savour the hot and pungent taste of Manchow soup. Add your healthy mix of vegetables and ‘man, you can chow!’

Now eat your soup.

A trivia on soups

There are several varieties of soups, cold and hot, spicy or relaxing, and variations of the basic soups. You can stick to the culinary ethos of the traditional cooking of any soup or get creative and reinvent. Here are some tips that you could use when making your soup:

Carrots, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, and such vegetables add bulk and fiber to the soup.

Always add the stock of the veggies in your soup.

Sauté onion in butter than in oil. The flavour this gives is just awesome.

Control the amount of butter or crème that you add to your soup if you are watching your weight

Grate cheese on top or drizzle crème to make a delightful-looking bowl of soup. Alternatively, add pudina, dhania, or even sprinkle some pepper for its warmth.

Sea salt instead of regular salt can up your health quotient especially if you are a macrobiotic diet fan.

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