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Get rid of your monsoon blues with these hair care products

The deadly combination of tropical Indian heat and rains definitely takes a toll on us. If that is not enough, our hair has to bear the brunt of humidity which affects its natural, lustrous shine.

Yes, dear readers, the sultry atmosphere, the wet surroundings if nothing, can make us sweat. This makes our hair go limp, dry, making fizzy hair fizzier. While it compounds the dandruff problem, split ends make their appearance which does not do any good to the look of our mane.

Instead of tearing your hair out and wondering about those happier good hair days, follow our monsoon care for hair suggestions. You can thank us later! Let us begin with making our hair stronger to withstand the season. Get ready for the rain dance.

Pantene Advanced Hair Fall Solution Shampoo

Dandruff control and clean scalp…what more do we need? This shampoo also has in-built with moisturizers that give your hair the softness you will love.

Sebamed Anti-Dry Revitalizing Shampoo

If you have a delicate and sensitive hair type, we have a product just for you. Free of any chemicals, this shampoo leaves your hair soft and smooth while working on the hair cuticles too. Developed by dermatologists, this gentle hair cleanser also makes your hair less frizzy and stronger. So who wants to grab this product?

Aloe Veda Anti Hairfall Shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoo…now isn’t that a wow! Made from natural extracts, this product controls hair fall and premature greying. Apart from cleaning the scalp, it also keeps your hair moisturized.

Hair Conditioners

A good conditioner is a must to pow-pow the frizz during this season of showers. It also makes the hair smooth and easy to manage. Known to lock in nutrients, conditioners strengthen hair follicles which lessen hair fall. Isn’t this a yay thing!

But keep in mind that too much conditioner can make your tresses oily, so apply only in the middle and at the ends of your mane. Run a wide-tooth comb to spread it out evenly and wash it off. Look your smashing best!

Jiva Ayurveda Hair Conditioner

The active ingredients of this conditioner are ayurvedic products like reetha, amla, and bhringaraj. No doubt, it gently reduces scalp infections and dandruff, leaving you with a long, strong mane you will be proud of. And may we add that this conditioner prevents premature greying and hair loss, hence this is a must-have for your hair care.

Herbal Essence Bio Renew Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner

Repair your damaged hair with this conditioner which is a blend of aloe, kelp, and antioxidants. The Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner lives up to its name of giving your hair the shine and lessens the burly fizz. Free of paraben, this delicately scented conditioner is a must-have and will-use product. Interested?


Taking extra care of your hair during the rains is a must. Showers fill the atmosphere with more moisture than we need. So limp, listless hair can be more of an issue than we realize. Serums protect hair from environmental damage, pollutants, and those damaging UV rays.

Serums have to be applied to damp hair starting from the hair tips. Slowly move upwards and finger comb your hair for an even spread.

Remember, just like conditioners, too much serum will make your hair look greasy. Take just a little to give your mane the bounce and the gloss we all aspire for.

Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Serum

This serum will make your hair soft while giving it the nourishment it needs. Formulated from Protein and Argan Oil, this crème serum protects your hair from dry and humid weather.

BIOTIQUE Bio Almond & Cashew Serum

Sport a colour treated or permed hair? Here is a serum that is just right for you. Made with almond and cashew oils, this product heals hair that is brow-beaten through treatments. It also locks in colour and holds the curl while giving back the nutrients your hair needs. So what are you waiting for?

Before we say ta-da, we will reveal some tips to flaunt lovely tresses this monsoon. Here they are:

Do you think oil massage is a big no-no? No way, oil massage boosts blood circulation and thus, goes a long way to keep your hair soft and healthy. If you don’t have oil at home, no problem, even dry massage will help blood circulation. This will strengthen your hair. So, if you have kept your hair oils stacked away, now is the time to bring them out.

Shampoo regularly especially if you get drenched in the rain. The wetness, dirt, and showers can play havoc with your hair, so protect it.

Regular and well-balanced meals are a must. Oh yes, don’t forget those chai and pakoda sessions, but don’t overdo it. Hot chocolate and a snug couch make for some cozy time. Other than that, enjoy the monsoon or better still get ready for the rain-dance.

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