8 Eyeliner trends you cannot miss!

Whether you’re a makeup junkie or a minimalist, each of us has our go-to favourites. But there is one makeup genie that is touted to be a universal favourite – the eyeliner. That’s right! When in doubt, apply eyeliner. When in doubt, just wing it. Eyeliners are like a magic trick that transform your eyes and give them a nuanced, accentuated look. Eyeliners not only emphasise your ensemble but also your personality, and of course, your eyes.

Little wonder then, that this versatile product comes in a range to choose from. From kajal, to pencils to liquid liners, the choice is mind-boggling, and it just keeps getting better. Today, eye-liners have changed the game. With a melange of technique and a mix of contemporary and new age, each eye-look is trending for its sheer creativity and style.

So today, we’ve got for you, 8 stunning trendsetters that have broken all records and have caught the attention of the world. These trends will not only get you back into the game but will also ensure that your eyes are always the talk of the town.

1. The reverse cat-eye

While the winged-liner is a hot favourite, The Reverse Cat-eye is soon catching up. A TikTok trend that became a viral sensation, this feisty style has caught the eyes of many, quite literally. And it’s super simple to achieve. As the name suggests, it is the reverse of the oh-so-gorgeous winged-eye. Simply swipe your liner under your lower line, extend the inner corner, wing out the outer corner and you’re done. This fabulous look is a revamped version of the winged-eye, with more fierceness.

2. The floating liner

The Floating Liner trend has been doing the rounds for a while now. It’s unconventional, wonderfully minimal, and has just the right amount of oomph to give your eyes a dramatic appeal. This look is graphic and bold and is as simple as drawing a line above your lash line in the crease of your eye to give it a floating illusion. These looks are all about creativity. So embrace your eccentric style, go bold, go big, and let your eyes do the talking.

3. The blue liner

Blue is the new black. This year, blue has rocked the scene and has managed to create a niche for itself in the viral world of trends. From celebrities to influencers, everyone’s got their eyes on blue. A symbolic expression of disco and retro, this trend is all about drama on your lash-line, a chance to flaunt your fun side without being committed to a fully blue look. This look is anything but basic and is totally changing the style game.

4. The white liner

While we’re talking about colour, who can forget the quintessential white. This stylish, knockout colour is making waves amongst fashionistas. This fuss-free, fashion-forward eye look is all you need to amp up your game. This feminine flick of white is wonderfully sexy, modern and can turn a look around. Inspired by the 70s, this colour works well for every complexion. Just swipe some white liner over the lids or on the lash line, be subtle or dramatic, graphic or minimalistic, give your eyes the classy edge.

5. The Cleopatra look

Inspired by the gorgeous Egyptian ruler Cleopatra, this look has been a runway favourite since forever. This iconic look has been worn and flaunted through the years, and even today, it makes heads turn. Simply exotic, play with royal colours like glittering golds, blues and greens. In this look, the eyeliner curves up smoothly beyond the outer part of the eyes as if parallel to your eyebrows. Next, sweep the liner on the lash-line and trace it out and until the points meet. The liner both up and down should begin from inside of the eye. Don’t miss the eyebrows. Thicken the eyebrows and draw them out to make a perfect triangle at the edge. Go on, flutter your eyes like a diva.

6. The rainbow liner

Fun, fabulous and utterly cute, this trend is the cheeriest thing you’ll see on the internet, and the kind you’ll want to try. Just like the name, it’s flaunting all the colours of the rainbow on your lids. This not only looks stylish but will also transform your eyes into looking spectacular. Starting from the inner corner of the eyes, apply the colours starting with Red, and then follow it up with other colours. Alternatively, you can apply this vertically too. Pair it with a smidge of glitter and bring on the happy vibes.

7. The classic wing

Yet another eternal style that has stood the test of time, this winged-eye is pretty and perfect. It gives your eyes just the right amount of sensuality and flair. It’s the go-to style that worked well across professions and for occasions too. Moreover, it’s simple to create. Begin from the middle of your upper eyelid and draw a line beyond your eyelid, curving it upwards at the edge. That’s it. A steady hand is all you need to give this classic a clean sweep!

8. The smokey liner

Utterly seductive and sensuous, this makes for a perfect date look. The smokey smudged look emphasizes your eyes beautifully. Draw a line with your eyeliner and blend it in the skin. For symmetry, apply a line on the underneath eyelid too and smudge it. If you are not comfortable applying eyeliner on the lower lids, a black eye shadow should do the trick. And you’re ready to rock the scene!

How awesome are these styles! Very, we say. The best part is you can always experiment with them and give them your individual spin. There are no rules, no rights and no wrongs. Embrace colours, experiment, go graphic, subtle, minimal, the fun is in the process. Arm yourself with oodles of confidence and flutter those eyes. Stay stylish. Stay sassy. Stay sharp. Just like your line

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