How to master the no-makeup look

The best statement you can flaunt all year long is glowing, healthy skin. And when it comes to keeping your skin healthy, a little care goes a long way. Now, the natural minimalistic illustration of grooming has set off a high-speed trend by giving a new dimension to your looks. This fab trend lets you show off and accentuate your loveliness, giving you the chance to be a natural beauty as you were meant to be.

Although a natural, radiant look may seem effortless, it does require a fair amount of commitment to achieve and create a flawless vision of beauty, keeping the natural balance intact.

But it’s not impossible. A few simple tips and you can master the no-makeup look like a pro. Come, let us look at how you can ace the perfect natural look.

But first, skincare.

Yes, that’s right. The first step to mastering the no-makeup look begins with your complexion. A clear, healthy appearance not only makes a powerful statement of being comfortable in your own skin, quite literally so but also gives you the confidence of flaunting your skin in all its glory. If you want to ace the natural look, an unblemished complexion will do wonders in helping you do so.

So, how does one go about looking their natural best?

Here’s the download.

1. Exfoliation

Fresh, healthy skin is always in. This is why exfoliation is very important. It will not only help to remove dead skin cells on the surface, but it will enable you to get an even skin tone. This will give you the perfect canvas to work further. Even if you have oily skin with blemishes, it is important to exfoliate before you begin the next step. Remember, exfoliation is not a daily beauty routine. It has to be done once a week for oily skin, and every 15 days for dry-to-normal skin types.

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2. Moisturizer

Once you have that exfoliated, smooth skin, slather it with moisturizer to give it a healthy glow. Moisturizer is important for a no-makeup look as it hydrates your skin and keeps it smooth and supple, giving you a great base to work with. Moreover, it also helps control oiliness and keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

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3. Primer

To achieve a smooth, flawless base, use a Primer. It is an easy, no-fuss way to prepping your skin before you begin your makeup. It also helps to keep your makeup in place, all day long. Moreover, it also protects your skin and makes prevents your makeup from looking blotchy or cakey.

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4. Concealer

To ace the no-makeup look, a concealer is a must. It strategically helps cover imperfections and perks up the skin. Moreover, it brightens your complexion giving you a refreshed appearance. Always choose a concealer that’s closest to your skin tone.
Here’s a handy guide – warm undertones are usually yellow, golden or peach. Cool undertones have hints of pink. Neutral undertones have no colour as such.

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5. Highlighter

Get an instant glow with a touch of highlighters. Use it to contour high points of your face for an undeniable luminosity. High points usually include your temple, cheekbones, brow bones and the bridge of your nose. A good trick is to mix your highlighter with your primer for a fabulously dewy complexion.

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6. Eyeliner

To look your natural best, opt for minimal eye makeup. Exactly why a good eyeliner is so essential. Just a single stroke across your waterline or on the lid will work wonders to accentuate your look and give your eyes the definition they deserve, without making them seem overtly over-the-top. Remember, avoid using glitter and definitely don’t try a smoky eye.

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7. Lipstick

While you can choose to go completely minimal with just a lip gloss or a lip balm, you can also opt for a hint of colours with nude lip shades. For the no-makeup look, it’s wise to choose a shade that’s matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Peaches and light pinks work very well.

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8. Face Mists

A few spritzes of face mists will not only help set your makeup but will also keep your skin looking refreshed. Moreover, face mists also keep the skin hydrated and offers a much-deserved jolt of freshness, especially in humid climates.

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Here is the moment of truth. With the promise of the original, let your real beauty shine. The aim is to embrace your uniqueness and enhance those features. A drawn-out makeup procedure covers a lot of our flaws but therein lies your own distinct beauty. The trailblazing novel wabi-sabi mindset speaks volumes of today’s concept of beauty. Blend in and stand out. Try the no-makeup look and flaunt your natural beauty. What an incredibly empowering feeling it is.


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