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Tea Wonders: Masala chai and Chamomile

Tea has been considered a health drink and used as a home remedy for centuries in the East. While the plain milk-sugar-tea combo has been a quintessential Indian variety, scores of different flavours, some with milk and some without, have also made their mark.

Let’s discuss two tea flavours today. One, which is very close to the Indian heart, and the other, which is growing momentum—namely masala tea and chamomile tea. Both of these have their own special fan bases and both are much loved. In terms of benefits for the drinker, both have equally significant advantages.

Masala tea

Most masala tea mixes combine a certain number of ingredients in terms of spices. Each of these offers specific benefits to the drinker. Typically, a masala tea mix has cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, holy basil, cardamom, and a few more special ingredients (either dry ginger, cloves, fennel seeds, or nutmeg). That’s why theirs no one way to make masala tea, as every mix has its own specialties. However, when the blend is perfect, only then can a masala chai lover be truly satisfied. The warmth and comfort of a strong cup of good masala chai cannot be compared to any other feeling. But that’s not all, it has a whole lot more to offer.


Masala tea has different benefits based on its ingredients. However, some ingredients that are common in most mixes, have the following benefits.

Antioxidants: One of the best reasons to drink masala tea is for its anti-oxidant properties. The common ingredients of the mix contain all the right properties to help your body fight everyday ailments like cold, fever, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. You can add a booster ingredient as per your choice to deal with any specific ailment that you may have. But most masala tea powders contain these common items that have antioxidant properties.

Immunity boost: When it comes to masala tea, most mixes contain cinnamon, with some having basil leaves as well. The combination of cinnamon and basil leaves is excellent for an immunity boost. During these trying times of the pandemic and other related illnesses, it helps to treat your body with a warm healthful drink that helps keep up your immunity.

Digestion: Cinnamon is also a known stomach cleanser. Masala tea which is infused with cinnamon is great for people with digestion issues, kidney problems, and stress.

Pain: A combination of cloves and ginger is wonderful for pain. If you suffer from chronic pain or even pain that is a consequence of life’s daily stresses and strains on the body and mind, drinking masala tea infused with ginger and cloves can offer some relief.

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Chamomile tea

Another favorite of tea drinkers is chamomile tea. It is said to be the most calming tea that reduces stress on the nerves and helps with insomnia, there is nothing that a well-brewed cup of chamomile tea cannot solve.

Chamomile tea is made from a herb that belongs to the Asteraceae plant family. Known for its daisy-like flowers, this plant has been used for eons as a natural solution for several health-related issues.

Originally, to make chamomile tea, the flowers are dried and then infused into hot water for a perfect brew. Due to its caffeine-free properties, many people prefer this to black or green tea. It has an earthy yet sweet taste.


Analgesic: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile tea has been used as an analgesic for centuries. In most Eastern and European countries, nothing soothes a fevered brow than a hot cup of chamomile tea.

Anti-spasmodic: Chamomile tea is said to be very good for relieving muscle pain and spasms. It also promotes good bone health.

Skincare: Chamomile tea has properties that help protect your skin and slow down aging.

Diabetes: It is one of the best teas for diabetics as it not only helps maintain blood sugar levels but also in keeping related illnesses at bay.

Gastrointestinal properties: With many anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile tea soothes and treats many issues of the stomach and intestines.

Now, you can try either masala tea or chamomile tea and keep all your minor illnesses and stresses at bay.

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