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7 Winter beauty myths – BUSTED!

Winter is here! The cozy snuggle-weather we all love has brought with it the festive spirit and of course, a bunch of myths. Yes, that’s right. While our wardrobes and beauty regimes have changed, what hasn’t changed is the mindset.

A lot has been said about winter care that holds no truth. These can be misleading and if you’re not armed with the right information, it can do more harm than good. But that’s not what we want, do we? Of course not! Exactly why, we are here with the top 7 myths, busted. Here’s how you can winter-proof your skin without worrying about hearsay.

So, what say? Let’s begin myth-busting!


You don’t need to drink a lot of water

You may not feel thirsty due to the cold weather but herein lies the problem. By not drinking sufficient water, you may unknowingly dehydrate yourself. So be sure to drink enough water, replenish your fluids and keep your body balanced. Remember, don’t rely on feeling thirsty. Keep sipping on water nevertheless.


You don’t need to apply sunscreen during winters.

Just because you cannot see the sun when it’s chilly, does not mean it’s not there. The sun shines even when it’s col and the sun’s rays are just as damaging. That’s why sunscreen is essential even during winters.


Sunglasses are not a winter essential.

On the contrary, wearing sunglasses in winter is super important. Even though the sun sits lower in the sky during winter, the rays are just as harmful. Moreover, it can produce an intense glare that can harm your eyes. Remember to wear your sunglasses to prevent squinting and laugh lines around the eyes.


You don’t need to shower often.

While the chilly weather may make you skip your shower, it’s a definite no-no. You need to shower every day even during winter because you are constantly in the midst of external aggressors and infection – be it phone surfaces, laptops, public transport. Skipping a shower can cause germs to accumulate thus causing body odour and other infections.


Don’t wash your hair regularly.

Winters can dry out hair and scalp thus causing dandruff. That’s why, it’s necessary to keep your hair clean. Use a mild shampoo and indulge in warm oil massages to keep your hair and scalp hydrated. Don’t overdo the hair washing, but don’t skip it either.


Don’t change your beauty routine.

As the weather changes, your beauty routine must change too. Opt for face masks & moisturizers and go for cream-based ones to keep your skin soft and smooth, unless you have oily skin, then use a gel-based moisturizer. Use gentle cleansers to avoid drying out your skin.


You don’t need to exfoliate.

Whatever the weather, exfoliation is a must. That’s because dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin that can cause blocked pores and acne. Exfoliate gently and apply a moisturizer right after,

There you have it. Winter myths debunked, so now you don’t have to worry about what to believe and what not to. Follow a consistent beauty regime, eat right, sleep well. It’s the little lifestyle changes that make a big difference. Enjoy the winter and indulge in hot chocolates. Don’t let anything stop you. Definitely not these silly myths. Happy winters!

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