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How to maintain feminine hygiene

Feminine hygiene might still be a hush-hush topic in India, but it is something that cannot be ignored. This especially holds true during winters when chances of yeast and bacterial infections are high. The good news is you have many products to look into various needs that help maintain the health and hygiene of the intimate area…

Good to know

While wearing clean underwear is a known fact, it is also important that you opt for one that is cotton and non-chafing. Even in winter, your inner thigh is susceptible to sweat and grime, which can become an aggravated form of infection if the underwear doesn’t allow air to pass through. Add to it, the dryness of the skin caused by the cold climate and soon the itching and chafing could turn into something serious. Therefore, hard materials like lace, silk or polyester are best avoided during the winter season.

Other than this, there are a few tips that can be easily followed during the cold weather to maintain good vaginal health…

Intimate wipes

We understand that it is cold and using water repeatedly can be cumbersome. However, leaving droplets after washing can lead to your underwear getting wet and thereby lead to infections. While normally a clean towel should do the trick, winters may cause dry skin that may crack due to overuse of towels. It is advisable to use a tissue or wet wipe that are specifically designed for this purpose when the need arises. These are infused with pH-level balancing formulation that helps fight irritation, itching, dryness and infection, leaving you with a fresh feeling.

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Intimate wash

There was a time when cleaning your delicate area meant using warm water and soap. In any weather, this was the norm. However, things have changed now. The climate is affecting our health drastically and our bodies have to try harder to fight off diseases and infections. It is no wonder that there are many products available in the market specifically prepared for each body part. Intimate washes have become an important part of our daily bathing and cleaning routine. Foam based ones are a good option too as they can help maintain hygiene as well as leave you feeling fresh and clean.

Do note that our intimate area comes with its own self-cleaning systems. It is best to avoid over-cleaning and use of fragrant cleansers. To avoid any irritation or imbalance, you can opt for ones specifically designed to maintain the pH balance of the intimate areas. And while you may be tempted to use hot water to wash due to the cold climate, keep in mind that hot water can suck the moisture and make the area dry and itchy. It is advisable to use either room temperature or warm water to clean the intimate parts.

Opt for a daily intimate wash or a foam wash.

Menstrual care

The female body can get vulnerable during periods. Cramps, weakness and nausea spells can wreak havoc in your system. Winters are worse because there is a constant fear of infection spreading quickly due to frequent trips to the washroom to change. The best way to go about it is to maintain vaginal health. Clean your intimate parts thoroughly every time you go to change or pee. Bacteria and yeast infections spread the most during the winter season and it is imperative that the right cleansers be used to clean the area. Overuse or the wrong product may also cause dryness of the skin causing discomfort and pain. Mild cleansers and wipes are best recommended to clean the area very well.

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Hair removal or trimming

While it is completely a matter of choice whether you wish to let your bikini area hair as it is it, trimmed or completely removed, you must understand what suits your body and needs. In any case, it is essential to maintain cleanliness.

If you do decide on trimming some of the pubic hair growth, you cannot use any of the hair removal creams. These are meant for body hair in other parts and are formulated in such a manner. As for your bikini area, it is much more safe to use a trimmer. Many studies have proven that the wrong way of pubic hair removal can cause serious diseases like genital herpes or papillomaviruses.

During winters, your skin loses a lot of moisture. While we easily replenish with creams and lotions on our body, we cannot apply any of those to our intimate parts. Using trimmer or blades to remove pubic hair during winters increases the chances of chafing or cuts since the skin is so dry. Also, do note that it is important that you moisturise the area before trying to trim the hair.

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Use of public restrooms

There have been studies that indicate that women are much more susceptible to infections and related diseases from using a public restroom. Urinary tract infection, herpes or cervical infections are some of the diseases that can occur by using a public restroom. These are spread by various bacteria, viruses and fungi which are much more active and spread quickly during the colder months. While there is no way to avoid the usage of a public restroom, we can follow certain hygiene steps to make sure that we are safeguarded against serious diseases.

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It is never too late to take hygiene seriously. Winters are brutal on the body’s immune system. When it comes to body parts that can affect something as important as sexual health and reproduction, it is essential to be extra careful.

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