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Remedies and fixes for a patchy beard!

They say a beard is a man’s best friend. And why not? It’s this BFF that gives that masculine persona a superior edge and a much-desired impact. Almost like a lion and his mane, a beard exudes power and personality. And a well-maintained one, even more so.

However, some men don’t have the substantial beard growth to sport a beard. Even though patchy growth means uneven growth, it need not look out of place. In fact, there are ways and means to work around the problem. So don’t reach for the razor just yet. Instead of shaving it all off, hear us out. We have some great tips that’ll help you work that beard.

But first, let’s understand why some men have patchy growth. The reason is genetics. Genes and various hormones down from the previous generation are beyond our control. But what’s in our control are ways and means to dodge this issue.

So as promised, here are some fixes which can get your beard a second look.

The first rule is to leave your sparse beard alone! A patchy beard will grow by itself. Give it about four to six weeks for a full bloom. And while you wait patiently, here’s a hot tip for you – activating your beard will always boost its growth. A beard activator will stimulate the roots of the hair and stir up growth cells, so you’ll have a perfectly neat-looking beard in no time!

Get your beard game on with the Beardo Beard Activator. Reactivate your beard with the genius of a product that is made of 540 Chromium needles that infiltrate the epidermis to activate hair follicles. This encourages a thick growth.

The next step is to give your beard the nourishment it needs. Apart from nutrients and vitamins, we recommend that you use an oil that promotes beard growth. It not only moisturizes your skin but keeps your beard strong and fit. It will also reduce your chances of dandruff or an itchy beard. All in all, a healthy choice, this one.

Get your beard game on with Ustraa Beard Growth Oil. Specially formulated for beard growth, it has DHT boosters that enhance beard growth. It also contains Redensyl which works on stem cells of the follicles to boost the overall growth. Other nutrients like Amla Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil and Acai Berry Oil together keep the beard nourished. This oil is free of any additives like paraben, sulphate and such.

Did you know Onions Juice or Onion Oils are known to reduce hair loss and promote growth? It is true for beards too. Rich in sulphur, Onion Oil is excellent when it comes to boosting blood supply to the hair follicles. This leads to healthier beard growth. But you don’t have to go scouting into your kitchen for this one. We’ve got just the thing for you.

Get your beard game on with Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Onion Oil. It’s a nourishing oil for a stronger, fuller, and healthier beard. The oil is packed with 10 essential conditioning beard oils, such as Palmarosa, Argan, Almond, and Jojoba that hydrate rough beard hair leaving it soft and tame throughout the day while providing the right amount of nutrition and nourishment. It takes care of any infection as it is anti-septic too. It also contains Orange Oil and Vitamin E to prevent hair loss and essential oils for their anti-bacterial properties. Free of minoxidil and other chemicals this can be your perfect after-shower regime.

A nourished beard is a healthy one. Slather your beard with a plant-based nourishing oil and see the miraculous transformation. Plant-based oils are natural, power-packed oils that give your beard a much-needed boost and keep it soft and tangle-free too.

Get your beard game on with not one but two amazing products!

First the King C. Gilette Men’s Beard Oil. It’s infused with plant-based Argan, Jojoba, Avocado, Macadamia Seed and Almond Oils, it moisturizes dry beard and hydrates it.

Second is the Beardo Beard Mustache Oil. Groom your beard and moustache with the oil. It not only reduces dryness but also keeps away beard dandruff and tangles while keeping the underlying skin soft. It helps promote faster beard growth with the entire spectrum of protection.

Yet another masterstroke strategy to overcome a patchy beard is to use a beard balm. It not only gives your beard the volume and a thicker appearance, but also nourishes and protects it, and keeps the itchiness away, Moreover, it makes styling a breeze.

Get your beard game on with Mancode Beard Balm. Get that striking beard with the right balm. This one here is enriched with Shea Butter that conditions and softens your beard and Beeswax that protects and hydrates. It also helps make styling easier.

Some super-handy tips you can try:

  • Gently brush your beard. Brushing accelerates blood circulation and promotes beard growth.
  • Get a good 8-hour sleep every night. This is because when we sleep, our body temperature lowers, and blood circulation increases, enabling more nutrients to reach your hair follicles, thus boosting growth.
  • Ensure you eat well and exercise regularly. A good lifestyle can bring about a dramatic change in beard growth.
  • Follow a regular beard regime to keep your beard growing and glowing.

Try these and we’re sure you’d be blessed with a face full of a healthy beard. But remember, patience is key. Be patient and follow a healthy lifestyle and you will soon see a change. In the meantime, embrace your beard in all its natural beauty. It’s a part of you, your individuality, your personality. So, no matter what your beard looks like, your attitude towards it matters most. Be calm, be happy and enjoy the process.

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