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DIY ideas for beautifying your garden

A home reflects the personality of its residents. While we tend to spend time, money, and energy on the beautification of the interiors of the house, we conveniently forget the exterior. While some are gifted with “green fingers”, the rest of us were pushed by the pandemic. Lockdown has made us realise the need to accentuate the small bounded patch outside our homes. The small bounded patch called our garden might be tiny in terms of area but humungous in terms of offering an ideal getaway and respite. It is a perfect place to sip your morning tea, take a break from the unnecessary gadgets (and necessary ones like phones), enjoy the sunrise and sunset, the chirping birds, and above all get closer to nature.

For all those who thought revamping the garden was an uphill task, this article is the answer. The DIY ideas and tips offer simple ways to change your garden into a beautiful and attractive place.  

Be creative with the planters

Planters are synonymous with gardens. A terracotta planter is easy and economical to find. They are sustainable and ideal for growing any kind of plant. You can go for a ceramic planter if there is a budget, as they don’t come cheap. They add aesthetic value to the garden. Metal and wooden planters are a DIY thing. Any metal bucket or container or any wooden container can be transformed into a beautiful planter. You need to just artistically paint the containers and drill a couple of holes at the bottom to drain water. They are pretty eye-catchers.

Creating tiers and layering plants

Layering helps to covert a small patch into a larger canvas. You can plant aromatic plants like lemongrass, spearmint, jasmine, or even the holy tulsi in different layers. Flowering plants are ideal for creating tiers. Unused crates can be painted and recycled to create layering. One can also use colourful rocks or bricks for the purpose. You can also give a fresh coat of paint and use an old and broken table or chair or any other furniture to create tiers.  

Add some flair with accessories

Another cost-effective way to beautify the garden is to add colours and accessories. Mirrors, lanterns, figurines, wind-chimes made with old CDs or beads or shells, ladders, and many other things that are easily available at home can be collected and placed in the right places to enhance the beauty of your garden. Ladders can also be used to create tiers and planters can be placed strategically. Old bicycles or tires can be recycled to place planters and for plants. 

Light up your garden

Proper and adequate lighting brings out the beauty of the garden even at night. Lights, if placed in the right places, accentuate the areas that you want to showcase. Either you can opt for simple bulbs or you can fill jars with strings of lights used for Diwali. A row of these jars illuminates the place beautifully. Simply hanging many strings of light from a tree looks like glowing banyan roots.  

Relax and unwind with furniture

A Garden is a place to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Place wrought iron furniture or cane furniture in the garden. They sustain all weather and are low maintenance. Few chairs and a table are a must. One can also add a swing or hammock. 

Add a small birdhouse

While you sit and relax enjoy the company of the birds too. A small birdhouse is a pleasant welcome. Add in a feeder to ensure they are fed with food. A water bath adds a refreshing element to the garden. They can be made with coconut shells, bottles, and old plates. 

Jazz it up with a mini fountain

One can convert an old hand pump or a metal tub or a couple of bamboos to make a mini fountain. A motor and a pipe have to be connected to create a fountain. A simple water curtain can be made with a wooden frame and many metal strings vertically bound. This also requires a motor and pipes. 

Decorate the walls 

If there is a boundary wall, it can be painted with a theme. This gives a unique character to your personal space. 

Revamping or decorating the garden is no rocket science and definitely does not require a fortune. It just needs some imagination and creativity to metamorphose a barren piece of land into a lush green and vibrant ornamented oasis. While investment is required in terms of time to care for and nurture your plants, the jazzing up of the garden can be done even on a shoestring budget. Things at home can be transformed and placed perfectly. And, voila!!! We have a private, ornate, and relaxing space amidst nature and are very much at home.

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