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Perfect lip shades for the perfect pout

There’s no such thing as too many lipsticks. These colourful little joysticks have been every woman’s favourite since time unknown. And why not? Nothing brightens the day like a swipe of bright, bold colour. An instant mood-lifter and confidence-boosters, lipsticks today are an essential part of beauty. So much so, that women carry it on the go.

No wonder then that the market is exploding with options, colours and textures that are that offer a platter full of choices. While you may be tempted to grab it all, remember, be mindful and pick what you really need. A shade that will add to your wow factor and give your lips a boost.

That’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve rounded up our top favourites so you can always have these handy in your bag and stay stylish anywhere, anytime. It’s time to pucker up and flaunt those lush lips!


Be it a selfie, a girl’s night out or a date night, go bright, go bold and let your lips do that talking, and some pouting too.


With Sugar Cosmetics Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick (Fuchsia)

What’s that?

It’s a stunning shade that’s highly pigmented and promises to last super long. And the pay-off? Just glorious! This crayon lipstick boasts a soft texture and a silky matte finish that’s eye-catching and statement-making.

Lip tip: Exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick to remove dry skin and ensure a smooth finish.


Brighten up your day with a bright shade of lip colour that’ll add the much-needed pop and pizzazz to everything.


With ColorBar Deep Matte Lip Crème.

What’s that?

It’s a rich, mousy matte enriched with essential oils to keep your lips moist and hydrated. It comes in a high-pigmented creme colour that’s absolutely flawless. No parabens. No fragrance. Just goodness.

Lip tip: If you want your lips to look plumper, add gloss in the middle of your lips.


Make a bold statement with soft shades. Flaunt your lips with the prettiness of soft shades and look your girly best every day.


With Lakme Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Colour – Brunch Nude.

What’s that?

This is a rich matte shade enriched with Argan Oil to keep your lips soft and nourished. Crafted by experts, this in-vogue matte lip colour promises a well-defined contour and an amazing payoff. What’s more, is that it is perfect for the Indian skin tone.

Lip tip: If you’ve made a mistake in the application and the lipstick has gone over the lip line, gently remove it with a Q-tip.


Give everybody to give you a second look because girl, a gorgeous swipe of Magenta is every shade of awesome. Go on, mesmerize the world.


With Maybelline New York Color Sensational Ultimate Lipstick – More Magenta.

What’s that?

A sensational colour with high-impact pigments that is lightweight and matte and feels glorious. It lasts long and does not dry out. It delivers on its promise so much so, that you’ll always feel red-carpet ready with this one.

Lip tip: Make your lip colour last even longer by holding a tissue over your lips and applying powder over it.


Steal the thunder and let all eyes be on you with a shade that will add pizzazz to any situation and fetch your compliments galore.


With L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Liquid Lip Ink.

What’s that?

A signature lip colour that’s ultra-matte, super-lightweight and long-lasting. It promises the ultimate bare-lip sensation and all-day comfort. With a soft matte finish, this gorgeous shade promises less excess and more impact. Go for it, girl!

Lip tip: Make your lip colour last even longer by holding a tissue over your lips and applying powder over it.


Going for an afternoon soiree or a date in the evening, this lip colour will stay put, no matter what, giving you the ultimate confidence as you flash your best smile.


With Blue Heaven Powder Matte – Coral Touch.

What’s that?

It is super soft with a matte finish unbelievably soft, hydrating and long-lasting. putting you in a league of your own. It’s playful, and effortless and is sure to put you in a league of your own.

Lip tip: For a sharper lip look, use an angular brush.

Go, grab these today and give your lips a luscious treat. Each shade will up your oomph factor and give you a stylish edge. So girls, keep calm and wear that lipstick.

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