Look Bright and Sharp: Facewash & Trimmers Edition

The thing about the corporate world is that the race to the top never ends. And in this race, while you may be speeding ahead, your skin is lagging behind. The attempt to meet deadlines and work that goes past a reasonable hour contribute to many health and skin issues. This will not only mar your impression but will also make you look and feel tired.

But luckily, there is something you can do. By that, we mean following a skincare ritual that’ll ensure your skin looks great as you achieve your goals. Because it’s not just career goals you need to achieve. You need to achieve ski goals.

So here are some amazing tips that’ll make you every bit a force to reckon with and project yourself as ‘build to power and empower’.

Skin as clear as your goals

That’s right! Just like clear goals that’ll take you places, clean skin too has a ton of incentives. For starters, it looks good, feels great and gives you the confidence to face the world. Moreover, washing your face is essential to remove dirt, bacteria, grime and other pollutants. It also prevents acne and breakouts and keeps pores clean and skin acne-free. This is especially important for Indian men who are subject to harsh weather, humidity and dust.

BB Hot Pick – Garnier Men Turbo Bright Anti-Pollution Double Action Face Wash

A charcoal-based anti-pollutant facewash that promises two-in-one double action. While the charcoal removes dirt from deep within, the icy clay rejuvenates the skin for lasting freshness. This facewash goes deep within, cleanses pores and helps minimize the damage done by environmental pollutants.

Let’s detoxify

Just like we detox our bodies by eating healthier and sleeping better, we need to detox our skin too. While exercising and meditation work wonders, drinking water at regular intervals drastically improves the quality of the skin. Another way to detox is to take time out and do what makes you truly happy. Because when you’re happy, your skin’s happy. And then, of course, you need to pamper your skin with the right products.

If that’s the way you plan to go, opt for ingredients with charcoal. Charcoal is the latest favourite on the block everyone swears by. And why not? It’s got so many benefits to boast about. It not only improves the texture of the skin but also helps to purify properties that make it the go-to ingredient in skincare and beauty.

BB Hot Pick – Nivea Men All-In-1 Face Wash (Charcoal)

Enriched with a 10-skin nutrient formulation, it reduces acne, dark spots and excessive oiliness. It also reduces the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads and ensures radiant skin. Its cooling mud formula also deeply impurities.

Shave it. Style it.

Flaunt that dynamo, clean-shaven look, or cast a determined appearance with your moustache or a debonair beard. Whatever style it is you choose, make sure your facial hair is well-groomed, well-maintained and well taken care of. A good appearance can create lasting impressions and give you a professional edge.

It all begins with the right tools to get the right look. And the right tools begin with the right razor. Using the right razor is extremely important to lend aesthetics. From simple blade razors to trimmer razors, shaving kits have come a long way. Preferably, choose one that blends with your hand movement and prevents nicks and cuts.

BB Hot Pick – Gillette Fusion ProGlide – Styler Razor

This product boasts of advanced shaving performance. Designed for less friction and reduced shaving irritation, it gives a better shaving experience. Battery-operated, it is easy to hand and ideal for styling. That’s because it has an onboard Microchip that regulates the power to ensure consistency shave after shave.

Trim for the win

If you’re a man on the move but you want to maintain your suaveness, you got to keep your facial fuzz in check. Unruly, unkempt appearance looks lazy and unpresentable. Whether you have a grizzly bear beard or stylish corporate designer stubble, it helps you look a cut above the rest. This means you need something handy and flexible. Enter trimmer. A trimmer is a man’s best friend. Cordless ones are easy to carry and use. Moreover, trimmers work great in giving you the perfect style.

BB Hot Pick – Nova NHT 1049 Cordless Trimmer For Men

Hassle-free and mess=free, this trimmer comes with a Titanium-coated blade that gives you a clean trim without damaging your skin. It is rechargeable and travel-friendly. Designed ergonomically, this is easy to use and easier to style.

Bonus tips!

  • Don’t skimp on the moisturizer. A moisturizer is highly recommended as it hydrates the skin and keeps it soft and supple.
  • Use an after-shave to soothe your skin. Choose one that is alcohol-free so as not to harm your skin
  • Be gentle with your skin. Never rub it rigorously. Instead, pat it dry gently.
  • Always apply sunscreen. The rays of the sun are damaging. Sunscreen protects your skin from external aggressors and free radicals.
  • If you have oily skin, opt for water-based products and for those with dry skin, always choose cream-based products.
  • Shaving is easier when hair is moist, hence is it best to shave after a shower.
  • Always read the label carefully. Look for keywords like ‘non-comedogenic which means it won’t cause pimples. ‘Alcohol-free’ means non-drying and ‘antioxidants’ means enriched with vitamins that will repair and renew your skin.
  • If you have a beard or moustache, keep it hydrated by using beard oils and gels.

Love these tips? Do try them out. Give your personality a new spin and be a sharp standout at your workplace. With minimal effort, let your looks work for you as you scale new heights in your career. Go on, seize the day.

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