Find Your Fragrance: Nightwear

Does your day begin after the sun sets?

Are you the quintessential night bird?

Can you boogie your way into the wee hours of the morning?

Are you the one who gets the party started and keeps it going?


Then you, my friend, are the knight of the night. Always ready to ace the dusk, we’re sure you’ve always prepped with your OOTN. But ever wondered, what fragrance would complement the after-hours? Well, if this is news to you, then here’s a shocker. Fragrances fall under two segments – day and night. What we spritz during the day is not necessarily what we spray on after sunset. Surprising? You bet! Now that we have shaken but not stirred your idea of scents, let us also add that the scent you go to for your night-time sojourn depends on the occasion too. If you are attending a large party pick the one that has a deep intense aroma. But if you are going for an exclusive dinner you could wear something which does not overpower. Fun fact – all fragrances have the power to reduce stress and elevate one’s mood.

The good news is that we’ve done the ground for you with a list of brilliant fragrances that will last as long as the night. Let’s go!

Police To Be The King 

Rule the night. Show your authority. Rise like a dark knight and feel that surge of invincible power. You are the king of the world.

Get your spritz of dynamism: Police To Be The King

This fragrance is strong and gritty just like your persona.  It’s unique, distinct and powerful, with a focus on the self-confident young adults who always stand out for their ‘left of the centre’ attitude. The composition is explosive yet refreshing with underlying notes of citrus and spice.

 Guess Night Eau De Toilette

Dance the night at a sundowner or keep the vibe alive in the wee hours of the morning. Feel as young as the night and the moves going.

Get your spritz of rhapsodic vibe: Guess Night Eau De Toilette
An amazing fragrance that’s perfect for the adventurer in you. Inspired by electronic dance and music this one will keep you energized all through. This fragrance is made to last as long as the night.

Jacques Bogart One Man Show

Bring your signature scent to the party. Let them know you’ve arrived. Command a second look, and a third possibly. Your one-man show deserves nothing less.

Get your spritz of masculinity: Jacques Bogart One Man Show Oud

Created only for men, this powerful scent is characterized by masculine elegance. For the man of character and strength, this Oud edition is as mesmerizing as your presence. Go on, herald a new moment with your undeniable appeal.

 Mercedes-Benz Man Intense

It’s time to unleash your wild side, leave behind the inhibitions and take on the night head-on and enjoy the thrill of adrenaline. Let the intense begin!

Get your spritz of adventure: Mercedes-Benz Man Intense

It’s sensual, intense and comes with a contemporary flair that’s hard to find. A stunning blend of contrast and contradiction, this is woodier, wilder and has all the right ingredients to deliver on its promise.

 All Good Scents Urbane Nights

Be the talking point of the night, ignite conversations, make heads turn, take on the dance floor, and make your presence felt long after you’ve left the room.

Get your spritz of charisma: All Good Scents Urbane Nights

This fragrance is all kinds of awesome. Fresh, spicy, leathery and sensual, this fragrance is so elegant that it’ll stay with you all night long. A spicy concoction of heady aromatic components, this scent is 100% vegan. Bring forth your flamboyant self.

 Here are some handy tips for you

  • Applying perfume after a shower makes it last longer.
  • If you’ve applied perfume on your wrists, don’t rub them together as this will make the top note disappear faster.
  • While spraying, hold the bottle 5 to 7 mm away from the skin
  • Ensure you apply the perfume on your skin and not on your clothes. Fragrances work best when they react to the natural oils of the body.
  • Don’t overdo it. Too much of anything is a turn-off.
  • Apply a little petroleum jelly before spritzing the perfume to make it last longer.

Remember, if you want to get noticed, there is nothing better than wearing a bold fragrance. See what works best for you. Different perfumes smell different on different proper. Opt for a fragrance that’s warm, intriguing and exciting. Go with statement scents with deeper base notes that stay on longer. Explore it all. A lot is waiting for you.

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