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Staying healthy while working a desk job

Having a desk job can be tiring. The sheer routine followed by the stress of the job and the physical stress of sitting in front of a screen for many hours at a time can be very draining.

Sadly, it may feel like a combination of physical and mental exhaustion all combined together. And the weekend may seem like the only thing you look forward to. This, followed by the time one spends on the road travelling to and from work typically amounts to many hours in a day.

This leaves little or no time for a person to have a gratifying personal life and still have some time left to look after themselves and their health. Then how and when can one stay healthy while having a desk job? It may seem impossible, but there is always a way out. Check out the following simple steps that can be taken in order to improve your health with a desk job.

Stay motivated

It is very easy to feel depressed and fatigued spending eight hours or more at a desk. Staying positive and keeping your spirits up is crucial. Taking small steps can go a long way in making your workplace not feel like a punishment. Adjust the height of your chair to match the desk to avoid strain on your neck and back, and keep happy pictures around your desk to look at every time you feel stressed. Make friends at work, especially since you spend a big chunk of your day with them, having a friendly environment helps to ease stress.

Also, taking care of your health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps in keeping you mentally as well as physically ready to take on challenges.

Take mini breaks

Sitting for hours in front of the computer, very often in a hunched position can have ill effects on your back as well as the back muscles. Sitting in a better posture, and taking efforts to keep your back straight go a long way in preventing back complaints. Take a few seconds off every hour and stretch yourself. Move your head clockwise and anti-clockwise, massage your eyes, stretch your back, get up from your seat and stretch your legs and arms. It helps to activate your muscles and improve blood flow.

Move around

Walking at every chance you get is a smart move. During a phone call on your mobile, you can be talking while walking. Apt usage of your lunch break also is a great idea. After lunch, take a short walk instead of just sitting at your desk. It may seem challenging but is definitely effective in keeping your step count up.  It also helps you get a change of scene and feel refreshed to be back at the desk.

Skip the elevator

The comfort and speed of the lift may seem so tempting. But ditch the lift, and take the stairs! Get whatever extra exercise your body can get. Staying active while having a desk job is important, and every small step counts!

Work out whenever you get a chance

Depending on your job timings and your lifestyle, choose an hour either before or after work and dedicate the same to working out. If your office has a fitness area, use that. Else, simply check some home exercise videos, find a partner to a brisk walk with, you can even walk to work. Time management is crucial here, time gets wasted very easily, so it is important to take conscious efforts to ensure you use your time profitably.

Switch to healthier meals

Shortage of time is one of the commonest complaints of people who struggle to stay healthy while having a desk job. Simply ordering some junk food from the canteen seems to be the easiest thing to do. But planning ahead is the key. Use some time from your weekend and plan your meals for the coming week and stock your pantry with the required supplies. Life has been made simpler by having your choice of food and food supplies delivered to your doorstep helps make a healthier choice much easier.

We all know morning hours are often the busiest, and breakfast tends to take the last priority. Opting for easy-to-make yet healthy meals is the best way out. Simply keep a supply of some ready-to-eat meals like instant poha, rava idli, upma, and whole-wheat parathas that can be ready in a jiffy and be nourishing and keep your energy levels high too.

Pack healthy snacks

Snacking at work is yet another habit that many have. Instead of curbing the habit and staying hungry for long hours, you can simply replace the samosa from the office canteen with some healthy snacking options from home. Keep a healthy snack box handy at work, with healthy nuts and seeds, or anything else you like to munch on.

That evening desire to indulge in something delicious, flavoursome and crunchy? Ditch the pakoras and enjoy your cup of tea with some nutritive yet delicious khakhras or baked goodies like multigrain puffs and makhanas.

Another good step that you can do in order to stay healthy is always to carry fruits! Every time the hunger pangs strike a wholesome fruit can come to your rescue. Fruits are healthy, they are packed with nutrients, delicious to eat and are a perfect way to curb the hunger pangs before lunch break. Choose from a variety of fresh fruits here.

Having a desk job can be one of the easiest excuses to avoid taking care of yourself. But here we have proven that not only is it possible, but just simple steps taken in the positive direction can go a long way. It is understandable that lifestyle makeovers do not happen overnight, but planning ahead can help you opt for unhealthy food options that will give you momentary satisfaction but cause deep regret later. Having your choice of foods available to you simply by clicking a few buttons has made life easier. Becoming more conscious of your physical activities and dietary habits will ensure good health can be achieved anywhere, anyhow!

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