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6 Must-haves to upgrade your beard game

Beards are always in style. And with great beards come a great responsibility of keeping your beard game up-to-date. Every beard guru will advise you on how to sport a swoon-worthy beard. But it’s not that easy.

Whether you’re from Mars or any other planet, the period from growing a beard as stubble to a full-grown one requires proper care and regime. Additionally, it looks well-groomed, giving you an elegant debonair cover pic.

We are scratched our chin for you and done your bidding. We have chalked some incredible products that do a focused job in caring for your beard much as you do. Because growing a beard is an art and here’s how to master them

Have patience

Growing a beard needs time and patience. It is not an overnight transition and will take time. Remember, everyone’s beard growth is different but on average, it grows at half an inch per month.

Eat well

A good bear begins with a good diet. Eat healthy, eat right and load your plate with nourishing foods, Vitamins C and D, and a handful of nuts. Daily exercise, less stress and more water work wonder too.

Decide on your beard lines

You can choose between a higher and lower neckline. Here’s how to decide. Tilt your head backwards and place a finger on your Adam’s apple. This is where the natural divide between your beard and neck begins. You can choose a beard length accordingly

Get regular trims

When it comes to beards, their shape is of utmost importance. That’s why trimming your beard is essential. Beard hair tends to grow haywire if not maintained well. So make sure you trim it well and keep it looking as sassy as ever.

While you follow the tips above, don’t forget to add these must-haves to your beard regime.

Beardo Beard and Mustache Oil

Beardo Beard & Mustache Oil - Godfather Lite, 30 ml Feel like the Godfather with a product that’s hard to refuse. Enriched with Aloe Vera Extracts, Olive Oil and Almond Oil, this will keep your beard soft and moisturized. Just take a few drops on your pal and apply liberally to your beard. And voila! Sleek-looking beard instantly.

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Mancode Beard Softener Cream

Mancode Beard Softener Cream - Shea Butter, Argan & Grape Seed Oil, Nourishing Moisturising, 100 g Moisturizers not just work hard to keep your beard and skin hydrated and soft, but also nourish facial hair. Enriched with Vitamins, Shea Butter, Grapeseed and Argan Oil, this will nourish your beard and give it a sheen. This beard softener cream also helps you maintain a soft beard and mooch to enhance your persona.

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Biker’s Beard Cream

Biker's Beard Cream - Helps Soften Hair, For Daily Maintenance, Moringa Oil & Aloe Vera, 50 g You may have a tough, dynamic, risk-taking, personality but for all your ambitiousness to ‘hit the dirt’, your beard needs the extra TLC.

Biker’s, the popular CavinKare’s men’s grooming range vertical, has on their rack hair softener with the powerful combo of Moringa Oil and Aloe. Tame that rough beard and smoothen the unkempt look with this and keep it nourished and dandruff-free.

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Ustraa Beard Softener

Ustraa Beard Softener - Woody, Sulphate Free Beard Moisturizer, For Men, 100 g For those with sensitive skin, opt for Sulphate and Paraben-free products. This is an excellent quality product that’s free from all harmful components. Infused with Beeswax, Mango Seed Butter, Castor Oil and Argan Oil, it’s the best beard softener around. Use it daily to keep your beard as well as your skin underneath healthy and itch-free.

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Newish Beard Growth Oil

Newish Beard Growth Oil - For Men, 100 ml (Pack of 2) If you are struggling with a short spurt of growth and a patchy beard, this is your saviour. This amazing product will enhance your moustache and redefine your personality in a new way. A wonderful mix of natural oils (Argan, Sesame, Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil with Amla, Sunflower Oil, Calendula Oil, and the incredible Olive Oil) plus Aloe Extract, this not just promotes healthy beard growth but also softens and strengthens it along with the moustaches. Bring on the swag.

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Phy Beard Brush

Phy Beard Brush - Wood, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Makes Hair Smooth, 50 g A beard brush is an absolute must. From time to time, brush your beard and mooch to get a neat clean look. Brushing will also distribute skin oils evenly thus nourishing your beard. Moreover, this product will keep your beard well-groomed, and healthy giving to give it a fuller and shinier look. It also adds volume to your beard by massaging the skin underneath your beard. It is dermatologically tested and 100% vegan.

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So boys, get your game face on and flaunt the beard in all its glory. Because if a beard is a part of your personality, it’s time to make it awesome.

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