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Know Your Fragrance: Ocean Extracts

The musty smell of seaside jaunt, the salty sea breeze, and the sandy shores mingled with a plethora of memories takes us back to the carefree days of summer holidays. Now imagine reliving this moment and travelling back in time when life was all about enjoying the simple things. Imagine all your favourite, beachy scents, in your home? Imagine living the beach life every day?

Now you can, with an array of fragrances blended with ocean extracts, lingering with lasting sillage to take you back to the beach. Whether in aromatherapy or it is in your perfumes, the magnificent aroma of ocean extracts can elevate mood creating an ambience of wonder and joy and ensuring you ‘seas’ the day, every day.

But… what are ocean extracts?

Ocean Extracts also known as Ostrea Shell Extract is derived from Oyster Shells used for skin conditioning. It has amazing properties that help to freshen, revive and moisturize the skin.

Here are our favourite picks that’ll take you on a feel-good coastal holiday.

Nautica Blue Ambition Eau De Toilette Spray, 100 ml Nautica Blue Ambition  

A mighty fragrance of the mighty sea

This amazing fragrance takes you to the deep end of the sea. With a hint of green and sweet notes, it is the perfect blend of refreshing and sporty. It boasts of a blend of Citrus and Woody notes the blend of Pine, and Seaweed along with Oak Moss, White Amber and other coastal notes, giving you every reason to break into a happy ‘Ahoy!’.

‘Sea’ it, love it, buy it!

Nivea Men Fresh Active Roll On, 2x50 ml (MultiPack) Nivea Men Fresh Active Roll On

The fragrance of the sea, captured in a bottle

This has a unique aroma that exudes every bit of a beachy vibe. Infused with the lasting zesty fragrance of Lemon Peel, its anti-sweat property prevents bad odour, especially in hot climates. Super easy and super fragrant, it is packed with the goodness of Persea Gratissima Oil, Maris Limus Extract, and Ostrea Shell Extract to keep you fresh all day long.

‘Sea’ it, love it, buy it!

One8 By Virat Kohli Eau De Parfum - Aqua, Long Lasting Fragrance, For Men, 100 ml One8 by Virat Kohli

Gentle like waves, strong like the sea.

Feel the calm of the ocean and relax your senses with this outstanding fragrance that brings home a piece of the ocean. Its rich composition of unique ocean fragrances gives a whiff of fresh fern and woody accords. This theme fills the heart with subtle notes of sea green. The lasting aroma of marine scents adds to the opulent luxury of purest aqua. Truly, this is ocean magic at its best.

‘Sea’ it, love it, buy it!


Engage Deodorant For Men - Ocean Zest, Citrus & Aquatic, Skin Friendly, 2x150 ml (Multipack) Engage Deodorant For Men

The freshest scents of the ocean, all for you

Craving for calming notes of Citrus and Aqua? Yearning to feel the summer seas? Then this deo is your go-to. Its Citronellol Ocean Zest blended with a dewy fruity top with soft cedar amber back notes, keeps you smelling fresh all day long. It’s also sin-friendly and lasts long. So, if you can’t go to the seaside, bring the seaside to you with this.

‘Sea’ it, love it, buy it!

Brut Oceans Deodorant for Men - Long Lasting & Fresh Aquatic Fragrance, 200 ml Brut Oceans Deodorant for Men

An aqua-punch with a zesty twist

Say hello to this classic men’s fragrance that’ll leave you super fresh and super energized, all day long. Iconic and time-tested, this masculine, aquatic fragrance is all about class, charisma and sophistication, to kickstart your day with a sprint to or step with every spritz.

‘Sea’ it, love it, buy it!

Nivea Fresh Active Men Deodorant - 48h Long lasting Freshness, 4x150 ml (Multipack) Nivea Fresh Active Men Deodorant

A day at the beach, now in a scent

Sandy feet, crispy, salty air, the ocean breeze, these cannot be captured in a bottle but this fragrance comes close. Made with a special formula that’s enriched with ocean extracts, this class fragrance keeps you fresh for 48 hours! What’s more, is that it adds to your suaveness and confidence all day long.

‘Sea’ it, love it, buy it!

This list has successfully captured the natural perfume reminiscing the sea and shorelines. Pure yet subtle, the exhilarating fragrance of the morning sea breeze and ocean mist is all that we need to jump-start your day. Go on, spritz away. The sea is calling.

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