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Sun, Sweat & Feminine Care: A Summer Survival Guide

Come summers and we by default get into ‘Vacation mode’. It is time to gorge on those delicious mangoes and make all sorts of refreshing summery drinks with watermelons. It is time for holidays, beaches, resorts and cooling off in a pool.

While summer is all that and more, it also is a time of increased humidity and heat. Undoubtedly most of us take additional care of our skin and go extra with our dose of sunscreens but that should not be all.

Especially women need to take additional care of themselves, particularly their intimate hygiene. The summer season brings along with it an additional amount of moisture and heat which unfortunately are conducive weather for the growth of bacterial and fungal infections. And so, the summer season also brings along with it increased chances of yeast infections, irritation of the vagina, vaginal infections and even fungal infections. This is mostly because of increased perspiration in the intimate area.

Another factor is increased exposure to Ultra Violate rays.

It is a known fact that the vagina naturally maintains its pH balance, but an increased bacterial or fungal growth or skin irritation can put its natural balance off. For this, some simple steps can be taken in order to ensure you enjoy summer without having to worry about any intimate woes. With summers just around the corner here are a few female hygiene factors to keep in mind.

Ditch synthetics go cotton!

Summers are most certainly not the season for fancy satin or any synthetic fabric for underwear. Simply opt for standard comfortable cotton underwear. The natural fabric is breathable and helps to keep the intimate area dry. Lacy or synthetic fabrics can irritate the skin and cause local irritation and discomfort.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the most crucial parts of summer. Ensure you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Keeping the body well hydrated helps to maintain the pH level of the body. It can help to keep skin dryness and consequent skin problems away. You can consume water as it is or even opt for water-based drinks, juices etc.

Use feminine hygiene products

While taking a bath or even after a swim or sweating it out, it is best to keep your intimate area clean by using intimate wash options. You must choose products that gently clean your intimate area like a vaginal wash. It helps to keep the area clean and dry and also helps to maintain the pH balance of the vagina. It even helps to keep foul odour at bay.

If bathing or washing your intimate area is not an option you can even opt for intimate wipes. Use these wipes to gently pat dry your intimate area and keep it clean and hygienic.

Using panty liners can also be helpful if you have discharges that make you feel wet and uncomfortable. Opt for products that can help you maintain your intimate hygiene.

Maintain your pubic hair

It is a fact that pubic hair protects the intimate area and even protects it from many conditions like yeast infections, vaginitis and even urinary tract infections. But if you prefer to keep the area free of hair you can either trim pubic hair with a pair of scissors or use products like razors and hair removal cream to groom your pubic hair and keep the area clean.

Care during menstruation

Days of periods can be especially tough during the summers. The heat, humidity along with the woes of periods can often be a lot to handle. The best thing to do is to keep the area as dry as possible by changing your pad every 2 hours. Ensure you do some research and use sanitary napkins that can help take care of the skin and prevent local infections in the intimate area.

Using menstrual cups and tampons are yet another fuss-free way to manage periods. However, one needs to take care to never leave the tampon on for a long period of time to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Watch what you eat!

What we eat especially during summer tends to have a great effect on our overall health. When the temperatures are high it is best to rely on simple light meals like salads etc. You must include probiotics like curd, and buttermilk to help improve your gut health. Consuming coconut water, fresh fruits etc can also have a hydrating and beneficial effect on the body. Consuming hot or excessively spicy meals during summer can often irritate the stomach lining and even cause a Ph imbalance in the body, which may in turn lead to foul odours in the intimate area. It is best to keep meals light and simple.

Maintain clean toilet habits

If you are travelling or on a holiday, using public toilets is inevitable. What can be done to avoid any unnecessary skin infections or urinary tract infections is to simply sanitize the toilet seat before using it. You can go through some products like toilet seat sanitiser and toilet seat cover that can ensure you sit on a clean and hygienic toilet seat no matter where. Use a sanitizing spray every time you use a public toilet and never forget to flush once before you use the toilet.

Avoid tight clothing

Summers are a time to indulge in those shorts or skirts that you put away last winter. You can safely put away those tight jeans and synthetic jeggings for the next season. These tight clothing makes it difficult for the skin to breathe, it even causes the skin to perspire more and leads to potential skin irritations and infections. It is best to get into light airy clothes to stay in the best health.

While taking care of the rest of our body, women must also pay sufficient attention to their intimate health. In case you find any abnormal discharge that may seem to be yellowish, or greenish or have an unusual colour or even it has a foul odour you must visit a doctor and seek a professional opinion. Apart from discharges, if you feel any uncomfortable sensations like itching, irritation, pain or anything that has not been felt before, a doctor’s visit is essential. Additionally is best to get regular health checkups done in order to keep your health and hygiene in check.

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