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A Beginner’s Guide to Panty Liners

Feminine hygiene is a topic that is still shrouded in secrecy and hesitation, especially in India. When it comes to feminine intimate hygiene we are still in the medieval phase where cloth or sanitary pads are used during menstruation and nothing else apart from that. Many women are not aware of the various products available to maintain their intimate hygiene, such as panty liners. In fact, even if you’ve heard of panty liners, you may not know much about them or where to find them. But fear not, we’re here to shed light on the subject.

What are Panty Liners?

Let us begin with the basic question of what exactly are panty liners? Panty liners are a smaller version of sanitary pads. The difference between them is that they are smaller in size, thinner and not as absorbent as regular sanitary pads.

Panty liners are the underrated heroes of feminine intimate hygiene. You have experienced your beautiful lingerie getting ruined due to spotting, or if you feel wet due to excessive vaginal discharge or worse the crotch area gets discoloured and bleached and looks terrible. This is where panty liners come into play.

Panty liners can be used on a daily basis as they can absorb vaginal discharges whether they are white discharge or even if it is spotting or the initial period or last phase of menstruation. It is always a great idea to keep a panty liner handy in your purse, to save yourself some embarrassment when periods arrive without notice or even if your white discharge makes you feel wet and uncomfortable. Panty liners can save your favourite dress or your attractive lingerie.

It is crucial to understand here that the chief purpose of panty liners is to manage vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is a normal and natural self-cleansing process of the body. And most vaginal discharges are normal and not to worry about. But there are days when the discharge is heavy like during ovulation or when indulging in a new exercise form etc. During such times, one tends to feel wet, sticky or uncomfortable as a regular panty obviously cannot absorb the discharge, here a panty liner helps you feel fresh and dry.

How to use Panty Liners

Using a panty liner is not very different from how a sanitary pad is used. It is an external product and hence there is no insertion of any kind involved.

You simply pull out the paper on the back of the liner to expose the adhesive side. Now stick that side of the liner on your panty in the intimate area or crotch area. You need to take care to stick it such that the liner does not ride up on the back or stick way above the crotch area. Remember to firmly press the liner so that it does not shift from its position.

Once it is fixed you can wear it and go about your day as usual. It is, however, important to remember that panty liners also must be changed regularly. One cannot wear the same panty liner all day or longer. If you need to sleep overnight wearing a panty liner, make sure you change it the next day preferably after a shower.

How wearing a panty liner can help you

Wearing a panty liner can help you feel dry and fresh all day long. You may have experienced feeling sticky, wet and uncomfortable through a long day due to normal vaginal discharges, a panty liner comes in handy at such times.

You can be rest assured that your panties will not get discoloured or bleached. You can go ahead and splurge on attractive panties of your choice without having to worry about ruining them due to white discharge etc.

Having a panty liner handy can rescue you during urgent times like if your period arrives unexpectedly, a panty liner will definitely help you until you can find yourself a sturdier feminine hygiene product.  It will protect your clothes and prevent any troubles.

A panty liner is perfect for the last day of your period when you don’t feel like using a whole pad, it is lighter and easier to manage.

Having a panty liner handy inside your purse is always a great idea.

You can also use a panty liner as additional protection when using a menstrual cup or tampons during your periods.

Some important points to remember while using panty liners

Always dispose of a panty liner carefully, just like sanitary pads, you must not flush them, but wrap them in paper and dispose of them in a dust bin.

Never wear a panty liner for over a day, ideally, they are best changed at least twice daily. But wearing the same one for over a day can increase the risk of vaginal infections and skin irritations.

If you wear a panty liner before you sleep, it is best to change it into a fresh one the following day.

If you prefer scented panty liners then keep a check to ensure you change them to keep skin irritations at bay. You can also opt for a non-scented panty liner in case you have sensitive skin or tend to get skin irritations.

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