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Flawless makeup tips for dusky skin

If you’re blessed with dusky skin, you’re what the beauty gurus consider an exotic skin tone. That’s because your gorgeous brown skin is a canvas for exciting hues and a splash of colour. Yes, the world says you need to be picky when it comes to selecting your makeup, then we say, with the right shades, there’s no stopping you.

Before you fret, we say, stop. It’s super easy to decode makeup shades for a dusky complexion, and we’ve listed an even easier way to find out your skin tone. Remember, each one of us has a unique skin tone, and each of us is a shade apart. But we’ve got you covered. We have a lot list of products ready for you to try and love.

Skin tone and undertone

Darker skin tones like brown have more of an orange undertone. It is nice to know that skin tone and undertone are not the same. Our skin tone is the colour which is a top visual layer of the skin. Undertones, on the other hand, are the subtle hint that lies beneath the skin’s surface. It is Melanin determines the colour of our skin.

Undertones are permanent and do not change. They are divided into three categories – neutral undertones, warm undertones, cool undertones and so on. While warm undertones vary from peach to yellow to golden, cool undertones tend to be pink and bluish hues. We Indians have a warm skin undertone and those with a dark complexion have yellow (lighter shade) or red (darker tone) undertones. However, skin tones and undertones are independent of each other.

Identifying your skin undertone

Here’s an easy way to check your undertone with The Wrist Test. Yes, your veins will reveal your undertone. Just take your wrists and check your veins to see what shade they are: Bluish, green, or a blend of both colours.

Green-coloured veins will tell you that you have a warm undertone. If it is bluish veins then you have a cool undertone. A blend of both these shades and you belong to the neutral undertone category.

To summarise, a warm undertone refers to a complexion with yellow and golden hues and having a cool undertone means you have a hint of pink and blue. Neutral undertones however signify a mixture of both warm and cool hues beneath the skin.

Makeup shades

Knowing your undertone plays an important part in your makeup. From foundations to concealers and even lipsticks, choose makeup by comparing it with your undertone! Beauty experts recommend earthy shades like gold, rose gold, champagne or bronze, as these flatter the natural brown shade.

Here’s a roundup of the best beauty arsenal all you dusky beauties must have right away!


Shades like tan or soft tan are considered perfect for brown skin tones. The trick to picking the right shade is simple. Take a light, dark and the shade you think fits best and draw a line from your cheek to your jawline and blend well. Compare the three and pick what blends seamlessly into your skin.

Pro tip: Pick up the foundation that gives full coverage and does not cake up.

BB choice: Sugar Cosmetics Rage For Coverage 24Hr Foundation


The golden, rusty and brown colours suit brown skin perfectly enhancing your natural beauty. The darker shades make your eyes seem lighter. Go for bronze, gold, rose gold, champagne or taupe hues with a warm, earthy feel. You can also wear plum, burgundy and green shades in shimmery finishes to lighten the area.

Pro tip: Avoid pale shades or pinks and blues as they will make your eyes look dull.

BB choice: Coloressence Satin Eyeshadow Palette


Contouring is a beauty trend that helps you sculpt your face with makeup and give it the desired shape and dimension. Apply it under the cheekbones and bone of the nose, for a slimming effect. Use it on the jawline to give it a well-defined shape. This elevated makeup technique makes use of dark and light colours to accentuate the appearance.

Pro tip: Apply it over the foundation and not vice versa. The foundation sets the base thus making the colour look even more flattering.

BB choice: Chambor visage Contour Studio Face Palette 


A blush or blusher gives your complexion a healthy, fresh look and makes your skin look more youthful. It adds a glow that a bronzer or a highlighter cannot match. It is best to opt for a darker blush shade so go for rose, wine, plum, and bronze shades that suit brown skin. Dab some on your nose and chin too for that added effect.

Pro tip: For all you dusky darlings, avoid silver shimmer, and opt for gold shimmer instead.

BB choice: Deborah Hi-Tech Blush

Lip colour

A go-to makeup product it can instantly glam up your look, lipsticks are a quick fix when that sets everything right. Lipsticks draw attention to the lips and highlight them, adding the much-needed oomph. Try earthy tones like brown or taupe or go bolder with purples or magentas.

Pro tip: Choose a shade darker than your lip colour to make a statement.

BB choice: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks

With a dusky skin tone, the possibilities are endless. Go for colours that accentuate your skin. Try to avoid shades that look too stark. But in the end, you got to be comfortable with the skin you’re in, because no matter what, you are gorgeous!

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