Slaying as a Summer Bride: Makeup Edition

Everyone loves summer, and nothing makes the season more special than weddings, especially if it’s your own. Yes, warm and sunny summers are always a popular season for nuptials. Not only is there a holiday vibe in the air, but you also get a chance to play up your makeup in vivid colours and look like the perfect sun-kissed bride.

While all seems like fun in the sun, let’s not forget the nasty makeup meltdowns. Adding to your ‘wedding nerves’, the sweltering heat and humidity are the uninvited guests you don’t need. So before you become the anxious Bridezilla, chill! Get your Bridechilla mode on and check out our top makeup products that will save your day and your face from the wrath of summer.


Summers are a hotbed for acne and breakouts. So before you actually begin your makeup, ensure you use a gentle cleanser to remove oil and keep your skin clog-free.

Bride Essential: Kara Clinic Purifying Cleanser


This is super handy because a toner mattifies the skin and leaves a clean canvas. The last thing you want is the makeup dripping on your trousseau. Opt for natural, organic toners to avoid nasty breakouts.

Bride Essential: BIOTIQUE Skin Clearing Mattifying Facial Toner 


The ceremonies are long and you’ll need your makeup to last even longer. That’s why, choose a mattifying primer that will shrink pores, reduce oiliness and make skin look less patchy, and make your makeup last long after.

Bride Essential: Dazller Primer Pristine Finish – Mattifying Long Stay 


Now we move on to create the diva of the day. Summer bridal makeup equals oil-free makeup. After the primer, the next stroke of genius is the foundation. Take care to see that your base makeup is not oil-based. A perfect foundation will give you the glow (not the oily shine.

Bride Essential: CHAMBOR Extreme Matte Long-Wear Foundation 


Blush gives you the quintessential bridal glow. If you’re a summer bride, opt for a lightweight blusher that won’t soak up the sun and melt away, and will give your skin a natural flush.

Bride Essential: Lakme Face Sheer Blusher

Eye shadow

Summers are a great time to play around with colours. Try mixing in shimmers and browns for a delicious concoction. Remember, our eyes are prone to sweat too. Go for pinks, mauves and shimmery bronzes for that sun-kissed look. Avoid heavy shades and go for colours that will complement your trousseau.

Bride Essential: Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Eye Shadow Palette

Mascara and Eyeliner

Waterproof is the keyword when it comes to these two. Whether you’ll get teary-eyed during the vows or it’s just the summer heat threatening to give you racoon eyes, you need eye makeup that stays put, come what may.

Bride Essential (Mascara): Pierre Cardin Paris Water/Tears Proof Mascara 

Bride Essential (Eyeliner): Bella Voste Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Lip colour

Let your lips do the talking with pinks, reds and tangerines. If you’re planning on minimal makeup, a bright lip will add a much-needed colour burst and liven up the occasion.

Bride Essential: Lotus Makeup Pure Colours Matte Lip Colour

Setting spray

Make sure your makeup stays on all through. After all, it’s your big day and no sun can ruin the fun or makeup. That’s why, use a setting spray and lock all the gorgeousness for as long as you want.

Bride Essential: Blue Heaven Long Lasting Make-Up Fixer

Bonus secrets

  • Carry blotting papers. These soak up excess oil and keep your makeup intact.
  • If you’ve planned a morning ritual, go natural and avoid gimmicky.
  • Keep a beauty kit handy. Fill it with lipsticks, tissues, setting powder, safety pins, band-aids, mints, and anything you think you may need. You never know when you may need them.
  • It’s hot so don’t forget to hydrate yourself. Keep sipping water to calm those nerves and keep the glow going.
  • Know your skin and choose products accordingly. Be mindful of how your skin behaves during summer.
  • Don’t skimp on sunscreen. Remember, summer means sun. So sunscreen is a must.

So, brides, we hope these tips will take care of your woes and have you dancing down the aisle. Go ace your day. After all, all you need is love, and the right makeup to be happy forever.

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