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Start of the Monsoon Mangoes

In the scorching embrace of summer, there is one fruit that stands above all others, earning its royal title as the King of Summer: the mango. With its juicy flavours and refreshing aroma, mango brings forth a burst of tropical delight that is hard to bid goodbye to.

But here’s the twist: when the monsoon season rolls in, our mango adventures are far from over! While other fruits may retreat in the face of the monsoon, mangoes bravely endure, bringing a symphony of new flavours and varieties that harmonize with monsoon melodies. Can you imagine having that kind of fruitful lifespan?

Although summer has come to an end, the reign of mangoes persists. Indulge in the joy of relishing some new mango varieties this monsoon season, as the essence of summer intertwines with the dance of raindrops. A delicious and juicy range of rain-kissed mangoes awaits you!


Season: July to September

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Neelam, also spelt as Neelam, is a delectable mango variety hailing from the southern regions of India. Cultivated extensively on a large commercial scale, it offers a delightful fusion of taste, aroma, and texture. Renowned for its late-season arrival, Neelam mangoes typically ripen from July to September, with select fruits lingering well into October during specific years.

What sets the Neelam mango apart is its exquisite flavour profile. Each bite unveils a harmonious blend of sweetness and tanginess, accompanied by vibrant tropical notes. Its succulent flesh, vibrant orange in colour, is velvety smooth and juicy, offering a truly pleasurable sensory experience.

The cultivation of Neelam mangoes involves meticulous care and attention. Orchards dedicated to Neelam mangoes thrive in the favourable climatic conditions of southern India, nurturing these fruits to perfection.

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Season: June to July

Dasheri, a Lucknow favourite is well-known for its aromatic and tropical fragrance which is reminiscent of nectar making it steal-worthy. The fruit’s flesh is remarkably sweet, with an exciting combination of tropical, fruity, and mildly tangy flavours. This variant of mango is grown in North India to the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, Nepal and even Pakistan.

Popularly known as “chusne wala aam”, Dasheri is one of the oldest varieties of mangoes and was first grown by Nawabs of India. To satisfy your culinary desires, we suggest you try Dasheri jam or a tropical mango-misu to capture the heavenly essence of this mango variety and relish it in a blend of tradition and innovation.

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Season: June to July

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The majestic Mallika mango is a heavenly fusion of Dasheri and Neelam varieties. This variety is considered one of the best among Indian dessert mangoes, boasting delightfully sweet and aromatic flavours with irresistible hints of citrus and melon.

But hold on, there’s more to this mango marvel! Not only does it dazzle your taste buds, but it also stuns with its size. A single Mallika mango can weigh up to a whopping 700 grams! It’s like holding a treasure in your hands, ready to be devoured. This fibreless wonder has a smooth texture and can be blended into refreshing smoothies, juices or curries to elevate your mango experience to new levels!

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Season: Early June to mid-August


Let us take you back to a time of triumph and celebration. Sher Shah Suri, the victorious ruler, wanted to commemorate his victory over Humayun in a special way and gave his beloved mango the name Chausa after the Bihar town where these succulent mangoes are grown.

Now, picture this: it’s the end of the mango season, and these golden gems are the grand finale. This flavourful variety of mango is cherished for its juicy, sweet, and nearly fibreless flesh. Its high vitamin C content makes it a treasure of health and flavour. The seed of the Chausa mango is larger, and the pulp is lesser, making it the perfect fruit to slurp. Savour the last drops of this mango season’s sweetness and use this variety for desserts like mango thandai. Cheers to a delicious mango season!

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It’s time to embark on a blissful journey through the enchanting world of monsoon mangoes! This season’s varieties will enthral your senses with a burst of sweetness dancing on your flavour palette.

From the timeless and cherished Dasheri to the reigning dessert king Mallika, each mango brings its own unique charm to the table. Indulge in the historic and healthful Chausa mango, with its rich heritage or savour the captivating Langra, known for its sweet taste and velvety texture. Here’s to a season of enjoying mango paradise to the fullest!

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