5 Indian Chutneys Ranked Best in the World

With their burst of sweet, tangy and spicy flavours, Indian chutneys can transform even the most mundane dish into an extraordinary culinary experience. These delightful condiments are an emblem of the rich heritage of our country, blending unique tastes from various states into a delicious symphony of flavours. 

But the reign of these Indian chutneys goes far beyond our nation’s borders. Recently, these flavourful dips have made a mark on the international stage, with five of our beloved chutneys being featured on the prestigious list of the top 50 dips in the world, released by TasteAtlas, an experiential travel online guide, just last month.

Let’s delve into the world of these internationally acclaimed Indian chutneys that have captured the hearts and taste buds of people from all corners of the globe!

Mango Chutney: 33rd Rank 

Indulge in the ultimate Indian chutney experience with the crowning glory of them all – the exquisite mango chutney. Ranking highest among Indian chutneys at an impressive 33rd rank, this tantalizing delight, crafted from the succulent “King of fruits,” combines the perfect balance of sweetness, tanginess and a hint of spice. Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure as you savour the vibrant flavours of fresh mango, aromatic jaggery, luscious peanut oil, and zesty ginger.

Whether it’s crispy samosas, hot pakodas or crunchy papadums, the mango chutney adds a burst of flavour that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Explore some tasty recipes that perfectly complement the regal mango chutney!

Recipe for Caramel Mango Chutney Curd Tart and Ambakalyo (Parsi Style Mango Chutney/ Relish)

Chutney: 34th Rank 

At number 34, Indian chutneys are collectively ranked for their wide range of delicious flavours! With a unique chutney recipe for every meal, the beauty of India’s diverse culture, traditions, and tastes shines through. Whether it’s tandoori paneer or sizzling kebabs, there’s a chutney to complement every dish. The pride lies in the vast variety of chutneys, where delightful ingredients like tamarind, garlic, and chillies are combined to create culinary magic.

Here are some innovative chutney recipes that will elevate your culinary experience to another level.

Recipe for Orange Peel Chutney and Til ki Chutney

Coconut Chutney: 36th Rank

Prepare to be enchanted by the exquisite flavours of the 36th-ranked chutney, a culinary hero hailing from South India. This luscious delight is lovingly crafted by blending coconut pulp, with an array of ingredients such as green chillies, tangy tamarind and fresh coriander. Its creamy texture and tangy notes make it the perfect companion to enhance the flavours of traditional favourites like dosas, idlis, and vadas. But don’t stop there – let your taste buds embark on an adventurous journey by pairing this creamy chutney with grilled fish, roasted veggies, or even pita bread!

Here are some of your favourite recipes with an added twist that will go perfectly with this chutney!

Recipe for Oats Cheese Pizza Dosa and Poha Rava Idli

Tamarind Chutney: 48th Rank

The beloved tamarind chutney, a perfect combination of sweet, sour, and tangy flavours with a dash of spice, ranks in 48th place. Popularly known as Imli chutney, this refreshing condiment is crafted from the finest tamarind, jaggery, and a touch of ginger powder. Whether you’re enjoying it with piping hot samosas or savouring it alongside crispy pakoras, this chutney brings together a medley of flavours in one sensational dip.

Get ready to reignite your love affair with tamarind chutney as we unveil a selection of recipes that will leave you craving more!

Recipe for Minty Quinoa Bhel and Fresho Kutchi Dabeli

Green Chutney: 49th Rank

Securing its place at 49th position, the legendary green chutney emerges as a force to be reckoned with. Crafted using the aromatic blend of coriander leaves, mint leaves, ginger, garlic, gram dal, cumin, lemon, and salt, this fiery condiment adds a zesty kick to your culinary creations. Renowned for its versatility, the green chutney is the top player in the realm of Indian street food, perfectly complementing delectable delights like sev puri, vada pav, bhel puri, and more. But its supremacy transcends the street food scene, lending its vibrant flavours to sandwiches, snacks, and a myriad of mouth-watering dishes.

Take a look at these fabulous recipes infused with the bold flavours of green chutney!

Recipe for Hassleback Sweet Potato and Dahi Gujhiya

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