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Your Ultimate Guide to Crafting Healthy and Delicious Salads

Here in India, salads are sadly misunderstood. Maybe because they’re not a big part of our cuisine, apart from kachumbar or kosambari.

Many stubborn myths stick to them. Salads are not filling. Salads are just for summer. Salads are boring.

Are you nodding along? Today, we’re going to try and change your mind!

Are salads really that healthy?

The big draw of a salad is that it can be a complete meal that gives you macro and micronutrients in one delicious bowl.

But if you drown it in store-bought dressing or go overboard with the cheese and croutons, your salad is no healthier than a pizza or burger.


Pro Tip:

Make your salad dressing from scratch. It’s super easy and you can control what goes in. More on that below: keep reading.

The secret to a darn good salad

A well-made salad is a complex, layered symphony of flavours and textures. The key to it all is balance.

Have something soft (e.g. paneer cubes, boiled egg, cooked pasta) and something crunchy (fresh veggies, sprouts, nuts)

Bring together complimentary flavours. E.g. sweet honey & pungent mustard; creamy peanut butter & apple cider vinegar

Include a medley of vegetables, diced, shredded, or julienned. It will look amazing and taste different!


Design your salad in six steps

Are you a salad novice who’s just been tossing everything into a bowl and hoping for the best? Here’s a foolproof salad template that will turn you pro.

1. Start with the veggie base

Fill two-thirds of your salad bowl with veggies – soft leafy greens and crunchies like bell peppers, carrots, and cucumbers.


Chef’s secret:

If you have a little extra prep time, include oven-roasted carrots, beets, or sweet potatoes for a yummy twist.

2. Sweeten with fruit

Add just a touch of sweetness with any of these favourites: sliced apples or pears, berries, pomegranate or dried fruits.

3. Add some carbs

For every two parts of veggies, add one part of cooked noodles, quinoa, brown rice, potatoes, etc. Carbs add texture and bulk!

4. Pop in the protein

Proteins make you feel full! Think cooked chickpeas, feta cheese, paneer, tofu, hard-boiled eggs, chicken, fish, etc.

5. Toss in the dressing

Dressing truly makes or breaks your salad. Without it, your salad is just a bunch of veggies hanging out. Most classic dressings fall into two categories – vinaigrette and creamy.

Salad Dressing Cheat Sheet
Mix & match as you like!


▶ 1 part acid
(lemon juice, vinegar)
▶ 3 parts oil
(olive oil, sesame oil)
▶ Seasoning
(herbs, mustard, garlic)

Recommended for:
Light, airy veggies; Warm or cold salads.


▶ 3 parts creamy ingredient
(yoghurt, mayo, sour cream)
▶ 1 part flavouring
(honey, soy sauce, herbs, chilli sauce)
▶ Splash of liquid
(lemon juice, water)

Recommended for:
Heavy veggies; Cold salads

6. Garnish with toppings:

Give your salad a final flourish by sprinkling some fresh herbs, cheese, or toasted nuts and seeds. If you want your salad to have an even crunch, coarsely powder the toasted nuts and mix them with the dressing.

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