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Beautiful Jewelleries That Make you Look Like A Perfect South Indian Bride

For every girl, wedding day is the big day in her life. The preparations to look the best with the bridal glow begin months prior to the big day.

Facial kits and many other skin care products take high priority in the routine of bride-to-be. Moisturizers and face packs with turmeric as key ingredient are best suited for bridal gow.

Hair care products such as voluminous shampoo and smoothening conditioner play a vital role in preparing the bride’s hair. Leave in conditioners also help in making the hair smooth and soft.

With glowing skin and soft shiny hair, a bride dressed in perfect bridal attire and bridal jewelleries, she becomes the centre of attraction

The look of a South Indian bride is unique and worth everything. The silk saree, embellished bridal blouses, long plaited hair, fresh jasmine flowers, hair & head jewelleries, vanki (armlet), vodyanam (waist chain/belt), temple designs jhumkas-necklaces-haarams; all these are the prominent things you would notice in any South Indian Hindu bride.

Kerala bride, Tamil bride, Kannada bride – there are several things in common yet there are significant differences in what they wear on the day.

Here are some of the popular jewelleries and special designs that make a South Indian bride look perfect.

Kaasu Mala


Kaasu literally means coin. Kaasu Mala is nothing but coin necklace or long chain. The tiny circular coins with inscription of Goddess Lakshmi is the most popular amongst South Indians.

The designs vary from a wide two layered necklace to a small 2-3 coins attached together. There are more elaborate antique designs with coins being the priority of the design theme.

Manga Mala


Mango Mala is a gorgeous design when it comes to the South Indian jewellery collection. From plain 22 carat gold mango to ruby/emerald/diamond/pearl studded mango mala, there are a variety of designs when it comes to Mango Mala.

Temple Jewellery Designs


Temple jewellery explicitly speaks of the traditional designs down in the south. The designs of elegant timeless pieces of temple jewelleries bring out the grace in the bride.



The beautiful traditional upper arm jewellery which is commonly known as Baaju Bandh for North Indians is called as Vanki amongst South Indians.

The V-shaped designs are the traditional jewellery that is included in the set of bridal jewellery.



Vodyanam is the traditional waist belt. Waist belts or waist chains are a part of Indian bridal wear. But the South Indian waist belt designs are unique and different.

The designs are made to look trendy; but the original traditional touch is still there in every piece.

Jada Bille


Jada is hair in most of the South Indian languages. Bille is the jewellery that adorns the hair.

When these hair jewelleries are combined with original jasmine and rose flowers the bridal hairstyle gets a complete makeover and looks amazing.

With these stunning jewelleries, a perfect bridal makeup is essential to complete the look for the big day.

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