Must follow daily routine for healthy hair


We all have our regular routine daily activities which we carry out accordingly. But when it comes to grooming and taking good self-care, our chaotic busy work schedule comes in the way.

This ignorance will soon reflect in your skin, hair, nails and our appearance. So, shun off those excuses and include few mandatory grooming steps in your routine.

Here are few of the must follow every day routine for hair.

Brush your hair at least 2 times a day

If you are a stay at home or work from home person, then brushing your hair is definitely an ignored part in your daily routine. But combing your hair regularly every day is a must for beautiful healthy hair. Vega has a good collection of hair care brushes and other tools.

The gentle pressure that gets applied on the scalp while brushing hair is very important. It activates the roots, encourages blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

Massage scalp with finger tips

Scalp massaging gives a relaxed feel and relieves mind and body from the hectic day’s stress. Just use your finger tips and apply light pressure while massaging throughout the scalp.

Massage for 10 minutes before going to bed. No oil is required. Just do it with your bare hands and brush your hair with a good comb. The heat generated is essential for healthy being of your hair.

Drink enough water

Dryness means there is no enough moisture. Oil and conditioners helps in moisturizing, but they are applied topically and washed. To stay hydrated from within, drinking lots of water every day is very essential.

When your body is well hydrated; skin, hair, scalp, nails, lips, all stay soft and supple.

Include hair friendly food in your daily diet

There is specific diet for every issue in our body. For the well-being of hair, include fibrous leafy vegetables and protein rich food.

Foods those are rich in omega 3 fatty acids helps in eliminating dryness. This also prevents infections and breakages due to dryness.

Try using olive oil for cooking purpose.

Do you follow these everyday hair care steps? Are there any more tips which you wish to share with us?

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