10 last minute gift ideas for him

When was the last time you surprised him with a lovely gift? If you have been thinking for long what to gift and spend time in picking up something, yet no progress, then here are few ideas which we would like to suggest as a gift for him.


Grooming tools

Men of current generation are found to be crazy of gadgets and electronic devices. For every job, they can find a tool that helps them.

So, the grooming tools like razors, trimmers, shavers, and similar tools that will be of help everyday is a great idea. There are several brands in India who sell amazing devices that makes a man’s job easy. Try Philips or Panasonic or any other reputed brands to see the various grooming tools for men.

Skin care kit

Men needs skin care too. Sadly, not all men give attention to their skin. Gift him a complete men’s skin care kit this festive season. If he has not been of thinking of his skin so far, he will begin once he receives this gift.

Nivea has a collection of skin care products for men. Their scrubs, face washes, moisturizers, body washes, shaving products, after shave lotions; all have high claims about skin care.

Designer watches

Wrist Watches are a pride for most men. Especially, if they are designer watches from a reputed brand, men will stick to that one watch their entire life. Why not choose something which you feel he might and will like.

Men’s perfume

Perfumes, deodorants, roll-ons, sprays; if you observe these products being marketed so well through the television advertisements or other website ads, you will know that men have a thing for fragrances.

So, this is yet another special gift you can think about for your man.


What is he crazy about? Where does his interest lie? Buy latest specialised expert /professional authored books as a festive present to him.

We are sure he will be glad to read something that keeps him hooked to it.


Car care accessories

His care is his first baby and his top priority. If you gift something that is useful for his car, then his happiness will have no bounds. There are so many car care accessories which you can decide upon.

Cook a special dish and decorate the dining table

It is a common belief that when you are able to keep his taste buds happy, you have won his heart. Prepare his favourite special dish and surprise him by arranging the table in a very creative way.

Movie tickets

When he least expects you to plan something different, he will be surprised to find that you have booked tickets for a movie that just released.

Quality time

If deciding on ‘what to buy for him’ is making you go crazy, then shun off all the ideas. There is nothing important than you and he being together. Spend lazy time with him chatting all the while. Do not raise any discussions of work, children, in-laws, relatives, finances, studies, or such daily routine topics.

So, now you know gifting him is not that difficult, right?

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