Beautiful eye make-up you should try this festive season

If you believe in the power of makeup, then you know how it highlights and changes the features in your face.

How you do your eye-makeup, what lip colors you choose, do you go by the rules of contouring and highlighting, it all depends on how bold or natural you want to look depending on the occasion.

With festivals approaching soon, the long never ending celebrations of Dasara calls for different makeup look each day.

Here are few eye makeup looks which you can carry easily with any ethnic or traditional attire you choose for the festival.

Bronze eye makeup


Bronze is a beautiful color when it comes to eye shadows. This shade is the cult favourite amongst Indian brides. Bronze combined with a little shimmery brown or a sweep of black can make your eye makeup stand out.

Gold eye makeup


Gold is an inevitable part of any Indian ceremony or festival. When you are decked in gold zari bordered sari or lehenga with gold jewelleries from head to toe, gold eye makeup blends in very well to complete the festive look.

Copper eye makeup


All tones of skin will carry the shade of copper very elegantly. The beauty it imparts in your make up look is something you would want to capture for ever.

Copper eye makeup takes top priority for many of us.

Green eye makeup


Why not shun off all the traditional Indian colors this time and go for a green blue eye makeup. Or green black eye makeup is a good idea too.

If you give your green eyes a touch of silky or shimmery look, your eyes will surely begin to speak of the immense beauty it holds.

Smokey Eyes


The most complicated yet simple eye makeup up is the black smokey look which is suitable for all seasons.

One can try a very simple black and silver eye shadows blended together throughout the eye lid making sure that there are no sharp edges of the color.

If there is room for some complex makeup, then why not go ahead and create the best of smokey look for this upcoming festive season.

Before the festival of Dussehra and Deepawali actually arrive, care for your skin well and bring the natural glow. Use your favourite facial kits to clean up and enjoy a glowing clear skin.

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