5 Best Celebrity Hair Styles To Learn Before Upcoming Festive Season

We find our dressing styles, makeup and fashion statements taking inspirations from what celebrities do. Celebrities have their professional stylists to make then look fab.

But for us, our favourite actresses are our personal stylists. We try and imitate their look.

Here are few easy and best looking hair styles from our Indian actresses from Bollywood and Kollywood.

Twisted braid


Braids mean long hair. Long hair always catches attention. The long hair is not the recent trends; it has been one the favourite styles of women since ages. This simple braid which is made by twisting is a gorgeous looking hair style to try while you are wearing ethnic salwar suit, lehenga, half saree, designer saree or silk saree. Long braids are popular among South Indian beauties.

Top knot bun


Leaving your hair loose is definitely a way to look stunning. But, having patience in managing the loose hair is something which you should be ready for. Some do not like it loose and flowing.

For such ladies, a bun is a great idea. There are several ways you can style your bun too depending on your taste.

This kollywood actress looks beautiful with all the hair laid back to a high bun tied to look like a knotted bun.

Bouffant hair


Puffing up your hair in the front is the best way to bring volume to your hair. The dramatic bouffant looking puffed loop in your head with a side pony or a braid is a perfect way to attend any festive party. Pair this hairstyle with sexy hair accessories to add oomph factor.

Front small braid


Braids are a magical twisted thing that makes your entire look all the more beautiful. Begin with a braid at the front near your forehead or ears. Join it back with the other voluminous hair at the back by tying a pony or braid, or just leave everything loose.

Trying placing hair pearls all over the braid. It will sit elegantly to make you look like royal guest at the occasion.

Traditional bun with gajra


The all-time favourite and never fading style is the traditional bun with jasmine flowers. Adore your style of bun – high, low, knotted, puffed; whichever way you can think of. Decorate your bun the most traditional Indian way by rounding it with jasmine flowers.

Try these hairstyles this festive season.

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