How water helps to keep skin healthy?


Skin is the largest organ in our body. And surprisingly it accounts to about 16% of your weight.

When the hottest topic of skin care and routine comes into lime light, the common things we discuss are about face washes, skin moisturizers, scrubs, face packs, toners, and such topically applying skin products.

But we tend to forget something important that mainly contributes to the health of our skin – water. Water makes a huge difference in the skin’s health. Most importantly, water hydrates our body, and skin is included too. It refreshes the skin and prevents dryness.

Why is water important for skin?

Water is lost from our body every day in large amount. So, there has to be a way to replace it, which simply, means drink enough water to keep your body functioning well.

Skin, like any other organ in our body is made of cells which are constituted of water. Water keeps the cells plump. With no sufficient water, body organs do not function properly. Same is the case with skin.

If skin does not get sufficient water, dryness prevails making the skin tight and flaky. This leads to wrinkles. Worst is, our skin is exposed to air and sun. Water becomes the prime necessity to keep the skin moisturized and prevent clogged pores.

How does water helps in skin’s health?

Prevent Acnes – We all know that toxins and bodily wastes keep accumulating. Drinking ample amount of water helps in flushing them out of the body. Waste elimination also happens through skin pores by sweating. But, if at all you are dehydrated, they clog your pores and cause acnes.

This explains, that drinking enough water can help keep skin hydrated and prevent acnes

Prevents Dryness – With dehydration, skin becomes dry. Prolonged extreme dryness means, skin loses elasticity which is an indication of unhealthy skin. Consuming lots of water on daily basis retains skin’s moisture and prevents wrinkles.

Protects from allergies and infections – Water helps to keep the outer layer of the skin moist which acts as a protective layer to keep away from irritants and allergens.

Along with drinking plenty of water, you may also add water to your skin by applying moisturizer. The moisturizers are highly beneficial when applied right after bath/shower. Since the skin is still porous, it allows better absorption.

Increase water intake and observe the visible difference in your skin within 2 weeks. Do not miss using your favourite every day moisturizer.

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