7 Hot Nail Colors For The Season

Nail polish is undoubtedly a most overwhelmed beauty-product launched by several popular brands.

Vacations, festive occasions, parties, gathering – are always good excuses to grab few hot shades of pinks, reds or turquoises for your nails.

Pastels to bold primary colors, mirage metallics to translucent nail gloss, emoji glitter to 3D pop tints; most brands have them all in their various collections and new launches of nail enamels.

Here are few of the ever popular hot shades of nail polishes which you will be obsessed about for ever. Many experts and manicurists suggest that these are a must have in every woman’s beauty wardrobe.

Glossy Red


Glossy red, a deep burgundy or oxblood red, any hue of red is a must have of all the nail polish shades. This is a popular runway shade and remains as a fresh color through season after season.

Sea Green


Sea green is a beautiful timeless color which you would want to stay for long at any cost. The softness and freshness in this color is a pure bliss to enjoy.

Everyday Mauve


Any version of mauve looks creamy and versatile on the hands. Anyone can create a beautiful at home manicure with this sophisticated pink purple mixed kid of nail color.

Hot Grey


Grey is now hotter than you thought before. This smoking hot color of grey is considered to be burning hot and is the trend of the runway. The multiple shades of grey can be easily mistaken for black color from far away.

This is a shade that is perfect for dates or night parties.



This is one of the must have and must wear color if you are a bride to be or if you are attending a traditional festive or wedding related events.

Cobalt Blue


This bright blue can be blinding and radiant to the eyes. But there is something very chic about this heavily bright color. When you are looking to include a perfect splash of color to your overall attire, then cobalt blue nail polish is a strong suggestion.



Copper is a traditional color that blends well along with your traditional lehenga, salwar or saree. This is a shade to add sparkle to the nails on the special occasion. This subtle color leaves no stone unturned to make your nails and hands look gorgeous.

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