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How to Find Skin Ageing Signs & Tips to Control Skin Ageing


As we celebrate our ‘Happy Birthday’ every year, we are ageing and the age begins to reflect in our skin too. The first signs of ageing begin when we are about 25 years of age with fine lines to be the first visual proof. Fine lines are followed by wrinkles, loss of volume and eventually loss of density.

Some begin showing signs of ageing prematurely, reasons are various – some internal and some external.

Skin Ageing Signs

Since skin on our face is much more delicate and thin than the rest of our body, ageing signs begin to appear on our face in no time.

The first initial signs become visual with appearance of fine lines. These small expression lines later deepen into wrinkles.

Lines noticeable near the outer corner of the eyes are called as laughter lines. With what begins as fine lines on the cheeks and forehead, becomes more prominent with time. The horizontal lines on the forehead are triggered by facial expressions. Vertical lines near the brows are caused by constant frowning.

When skin becomes less taut, line between the nose and mouth becomes more visible. This is more often associated with loss of volume.

Post-menopausal age, women face change in the structure and surface of the skin, which means loos of density is apparent. Skin becomes dull and loses the plump glow.

What causes Facial Skin Ageing?

With each passing year, the efficiency of the cell functions changes and slows down. Ageing is inevitable. Yet, there are several factors that we should know which speeds up skin ageing and signs of ageing appear way too early than it should actually appear.

Poor blood supply or circulation, which means the nutrients and oxygen to skin isn’t enough.

What skin types you are born with also plays a key role in how soon or late you show the ageing signs.

Sun exposure, both prolonged and everyday exposure to the UV rays can cause damage to the skin and instantly trigger the ageing signs.

Life in a polluted city can trigger the release of skin damaging free radicals.

Smoking is highly responsible for an upsurge in the amount of free radical in the skin.

Lack of anti-oxidant rich foods can be another cause for the inability to neutralize the free radicals that damage the skin.

If you don’t bother to care for your skin, then you will age quickly. Thorough cleansing and application of other skin care products highly influences the skin’s appearance to a great extent.

When you have found out what causes and speeds up the ageing signs, it is easy to try to control and prevent further ageing through holistic approach

Tips to control skin ageing


A change in lifestyle that reduces stress is a first preventative approach to ageing.

Nutrition plays a very important role in the health of the skin. When you eat fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants, you are actually protecting your skin against the damage causing free radicals.

Eat carrots, apricots, blueberries, leafy green vegetables, bell peppers, tomatoes, beans, nuts.

Quit smoking as it accelerates the ageing process exponentially. It reduces the skin elasticity bringing dullness to the skin.

Quit alcohol consumption too.

Sunscreen products are important for skin regardless of the season. Apply efficient sunscreen atleast 30 minutes before setting out of the house.

Your body should get enough fluids and water. Else, the skin cells begin to loose elasticity and moisture; this eventually leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

Adequate sleep is essential for the wellbeing of the skin. With no sufficient sleep, body begins to produce excess cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that breaks down skin cells promoting ageing signs.

Avoid making too many facial expressions. They make the expression lines permanent.

Cleansing is must as it removes makeup, dirt, and chemicals. Using a suitable moisturizer is also a must to keep your skin moist.

Following simple tips of caring for your skin makes you look good outside and also healthy inside.

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