Facial Scrubs, the inexpensive way to bring glow to your skin


Using a scrub on our face and body is a definite part of our skin care routine. What a scrub does to your skin is a known fact; it brings a glow on your face making the skin soft. Along with the softness and glow, it also makes your skin raw. This is something which we all tend to ignore.

Facial scrubs are the most inexpensive way to remove the dead cells and dull scaly patches on the top layer of the skin. Although these dead cells make skin look dull and dry, they protect the living cells beneath them which are highly delicate. If you over use the exfoliators, then you are making your skin turn red and irritated with painful rashes.

Facial scrubs are not an everyday thing. It has to be used in moderation. Exfoliating has to be done once in 2 weeks. The raw skin you bring up needs this much time to turn over.

Facial skin exfoliates your skin chemically or physically. By chemically scrubbing, you are using salicylic, glycolic, citric, or lactic acid to remove the dry and dead scales from your skin. Physical scrubs include apricot pits or almonds, sugars, salt, sand, or any other tiny coarsely feeling irritant on the skin.

There are several facial scrubs available at a very budget price. One can also prepare a homemade physical scrub mixing any oil base along with the abrasives.

From fine powdered physical scrubs to electrical gadgets, you may use any exfoliator that suits your skin type and needs.

Powdered Exfoliators

These exfoliators have very fine powder texture. The scrubbing gets as soft as it can. To use, take the powdered scrubbing grains in your palm, mix with a little water to bring up the foam, use on face with gentle circular strokes.

The ingredients and the texture brightens the skin and slough off dead cells.

Grainy Scrubs

This form of scrub is the most familiar and common product bought for regular use. What is used as a scrubbing granule along with the creamy base depends on the type of the product.

Usually, apricot kernels, walnut shells, tiny jojoba beads, plastic particles, or any other similar textured bit that gives gritty feeling on the skin is used.

Chemical Exfoliators

These are the ones that gently peel off the top dead layer from the skin. Unlike scratching the dry dead cells, the chemicals actually break down the glue that is holding the dead cells on your face.

Chemical exfoliators are usually in liquid form which is used by applying with a cotton pad.

The products are usually salicylic acid-based, alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, or fruit acids.

Electric Facial Brushes

Face brushes can be used with any cleansers, oils, or gels for an excellent deep cleansing effect. It sloughs off dead cells and also gives anti-ageing results.

Once you have removed the dead cells, any repeated use of the scrubs will make no difference to your skin and complexion. Instead you are hurting the raw skin. So, make sure you give enough break to your skin to heal before you use the facial scrub again.

With any type of facial scrub, start gently and slowly with limited number of uses and watch how your skin reacts.


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