All You Should Know About Hair Removal

Women prefer cleanly waxed/shaved hands, legs, under arms, and also upper lip area. We want all unwanted facial or body hair removed. But the drawback is that hair removal has to be done at regular short intervals since hair grows back.

In our beauty industry, hair removal is an important scene, and being a consumer sooner or later you should know few things about hair removal.

Apart from the fact that waxing can be a little painful and irritating there are more things you should know about.

Hair length

If you are going to the salon for waxing, then check for your hair length. Hair on your skin should be atleast ¼ – ½ inch long for the wax to adhere to. This makes removing easier.

Skill and technique

Hair removing involves skill and there are techniques involved in all types of methods of hair removal. Expert who has the license to perform hair removal techniques will know how to minimize pain and eliminate infection.

Sugar is an excellent hair removal option

Sugar depilatories usually contain sugar, honey and lemon, as most people are not allergic to these products. It adheres to hair and not to your skin.

Sugar hair removal method is one of the oldest and is less painful. It is natural and is favourite amongst all methods for various reasons.

If you plan to do at-home-waxing, try using Ayur Herbal Cold Wax – Lemon, Vinegar, Sugar. It is easy to use.

Which type of wax is your esthetician using?

Prefer non polymer waxes as they do not contain resin. It acts more like sugar sticking to only hair and not skin. Specifically ask for non-polymer waxes while you go for waxing.

Resin adhere to skin, thus removing skin cells.


Till date, shaving has been the fastest and the easiest method of hair removing technique on all types of skin. The downside in this technique is the razor bumps. Applying soothing solutions topically can calm down the razor bumps and irritations.

Gillette Venus Razors for women, disposable or manual, are popular amongst Indian women.

Depilatory Cream

If you have not tried Veet Hair Removal Creams or any other brand’s depilatory cream; then you have not experienced the magic these creams make.

Hair Removal Creams are a kind of lotion that dissolves the hair at the surface of your skin. That is how is can easily wiped off and removed to find silky clean skin. It is free of pain.

You have to make sure that your skin is not allergic to any of the ingredients in the hair removal cream. Do a patch test and wait for 2 days before using.


Though epilating is a time consuming hair-removal method, epilators gently removes hair at the root. The rotating tweezers in the epilators pulls your hair as you roll it up and down your limbs.

Epilators from Philips allows you to enjoy smooth skin and at-least up-to 4 weeks of hair-free skin.

Whichever method you opt for hair removal, after skin care is very important. Before skin care also matters the most.

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