How to Get a Perfect Selfie

Pointing a camera at ourselves is so common these days. But most of the time, we are never happy with what we have clicked ourselves and repeatedly click the same pose at the same location and surrounding again and again.

With few easy tricks for clicking amazing selfies, you will never have to retake a photo again.

Face the light

Don’t stand with your back to the sun. That light will not help in any way, it will ruin it. Face the sun and you will see that the natural light is making your face glow.

Stop pouting like a baboon

One thing everybody needs to seriously follow is to drop that trout pout. That duck face is boring in reality. People like to see smiling face.

Master the angles

Selfies, if not angled well has every chance of revealing double chin or any fat patch. Play with angles and find your best signature pose.

One tried and tested angle is holding the camera above the head and turning your face towards the lens. Straight selfies might only show the lack of symmetry. So, try to turn slightly to show your best.

Don’t overdo the filters and fillers

Most smart phones have beauty modes to help you click selfies with a smooth skin. It hides any bumps and blemishes on your face and also tucks the double chin.

If you overdo with those filters and fillers, people will know you have cheated. Those modes might even end up making you look like an alien.

Use the volume controls

Many smart phone users have no idea that the volume controls also act as that onscreen shutter button while in the camera mode.

Most handsets allow you to capture a snap simply by pressing the volume controls.

Keep your skin moisturized and shine free

A selfie can show how beautiful or troubled your skin is. Keep your skin moisturized by using an Oil-Free Moisturizer to make it look softer and smoothers. This way you can also keep off the oily shine from the skin.

Use highlighter makeup when there is no enough natural light

Swipe your favourite highlighter on your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead to make your skin glow. This will compensate for the lack of natural light if you are facing.

Always remember that the purpose of clicking a selfies was to be able to look back at the picture and remember the great time you had. So, don’t take it too seriously.

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