How to take care of your Beard

Ask the women you come across about what they prefer in their men; clean shaved look or rough bearded look? You will be surprised to know that majority of them will choose the latter.

Growing beard is a kind of expressing freedom for many men. But, allowing the facial hair to grow means it comes with some upkeep.

No matter how long the beard is, just past the stubble stage or a 2-foot mass, taming the facial hair needs some effort.

Here are some of the easy to follow beard care tips.

Fight the itch

If you are attempting for the first time to grow a beard, then the obvious issue is the itchiness. Fight the itch and stick with it. It will get better with time.

Shape the beard only when it is sufficiently long

Trying to trim and shape the beard early when the length is way too short is a common mistake men do. Allow the beard to grow a little wild first. Go for beard shaping only after you have allowed it to grow for about 1 or 2 months.

Shampoo and condition

Washing the facial hair is essential, just like the way you cleanse your scalp and hair. Use a moisturizing shampoo to prevent beard from getting brittle. Use heavy conditioners on the beard so that they don’t get wired like. Leave-in kind of conditioners work much better on beard.

Trimming is must

In-spite of your growing long beard decision, you have to trim at-least every 2 months. It is like getting rid of split-ends in your hair.

Use the right tools

For trimming the edge of the beard close to your face, electric trimmers are the best choice. For trimming and shaping the beard mass, scissors and comb are best suggested.

Use the beard grooming products that help in better management and maintenance of the beard.

Eat in small bites with care

With a beard that is considerably long, there is always a chance of food getting in touch with the beard. To keep your lunch out of beard, try eating in small bites with care. Wipe your face after each bite.

Healthy diet, lots of water and good sleep

A balanced healthy diet is good for skin and hair, which obviously includes beard too. Water has been the ultimate remedy for all problems in our body. Insufficient sleep is believed to slow down the growth of the beard. So, make sure you get good sound sleep every night.

Beard, as you know shows its presence in a very impressive manner. So, grooming your beards is worth all the effort it takes.

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