Top 5 Body Spray / Mist / Deo Gifts for Men

Narrowing down to one deo or body spray can be a tough choice. For those who want to freshen up quickly and prefer light scent during the day, body sprays and deodorants are an ideal choice. But there are some who like the strength of the strong cologne too. To make your pick a tad bit easier, we list some of the best body sprays for men which also double as a body deodorant.


In recent time, Fogg has taken the top position when it comes to best men’s deodorant in India. Most of the series of collections of perfumes and deodorants smell amazing.

Fogg collections are perfect for gifting men. Few of the most sold Fogg Body Sprays are Fogg Fresh Woody, Fogg Fresh Aromatic, Fogg Fresh Aqua, Fogg Fresh Fougere.


This is another famous brand selling the Best Men’s Deodorant in India. Nivea deodorants are priced economical and deliver 24 hour assurance. Most of their range of deodorants and body sprays keeps you fresh and dry all day long.

To list a few popular ones from Nivea are Nivea Fresh Active Original, Nivea Cool Kick, Nivea Sport, Nivea Silver Protect.


Axe is a brand that provides some of the very popular men’s grooming products that rocked the market and continues to top the list even today. Axe Deodorants have been one of the iconic products in India due to the price range.

Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant Spray, Axe Signature Mysterious Body Perfume, Axe Signature Suave Body Perfume are few of the most popular deodorant sprays along with their ever popular after shave lotions.


Adidas comes up with perfumed products that men in India find them working efficiently on all occasions. The refreshing blends of the scents make the deodorant body sprays very popular amongst young athletes. Their fragrances are usually playful and provides 24 hours freshness.

Adidas Team Force, Adidas Pure Game, Adidas Dynamic Pulse, Adidas Victory League are the best choice for men.


Yardley has a wide range of sprays that provides freshness and elegance. The freshness offers long lasting fragrance.

Buy Yardley Body Spray Gentlemen. It has a modern masculine fragrance. It opens up with fresh citrus, black pepper and a spicy blend of cardamom.

Have you bought any from our above list to gift him? Are there any more brands of perfumes and mists you suggest which have the best series of fragrances?

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