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5 underrated exercises and the best way to do them!

Sometimes hitting the gym, attending that same aerobics class or doing the same type of cardio may become monotonous, right? That aside, over time, the body gets accustomed to a routine and “hits a plateau” where you burn fewer calories than before. It makes good sense to change the standard format to reap rewards.

Let us pause to ponder 5 exercises we so easily dismiss but can actually do the trick. Sometimes, the most beneficial exercises do go unnoticed.

1)Brisk Walk – Walk the walk

Yes, you heard that right. Many of us catch the word “walk” but the all important “brisk” is lost in thoughts. Brisk walking is a time- proven exercise most beneficial for health.


Brisk walking is no less important than running. With many advantages of its own spanning from lowering LDL, hypertension, improving the cardiovascular system, helping lose weight, and controlling blood sugar levels amongst many, it is the most favoured work-out for many especially for those who are in their golden years of life. In fact, walking is reported to reduce unwanted stress, facilitating your brain activity, protecting the knees and ankle which can go missing in an exercise like running.

Kick start:

There are several ways to kick start brisk walking as an important part of your exercise regime. A good pair of comfortable footwear is a must. A fitting walking attire that will allow you to march it out is excellent.

Now lets us begin: Remember; walk from your hip and not from your knee. Develop your own pace which means 15% faster than your normal pace. Don’t enter into any race with other. Move your arms and hips as if you are marching. Listening to peppy number helps in making walking less boring. Begin at your regular pace and then steadily increase the pace. Don’t stop suddenly. Slow down and cool off.

If you have a knee problem or any other medical issue, consult your doctor first before beginning to walk the talk. In such a case, it will help you to take a walking stick to prevent you from tripping on an uneven surface.

So when a favoured brand of scotch tells us to walk, we better walk….

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2) Take the Stairs – Step it up

(To be avoided if you have a knee problem)

Now the stairs may sound really monotonous and laborious, but, believe us, it is extremely beneficial when it comes to burning more calories per minute.

Stairs are a proven to be an excellent movement for the bettering your cardiovascular health. Additionally, it has several other benefits like improved balance, or most importantly establishing lower body strength.

Now in the case of stairs, the knees and the hips are an important part of your staircase regime. Ensure that you hold yourself straight and erect as it may facilitate the speed of your climbing the stairs.

Moreover, change your style of climbing stairs. Climb sideways, climb two steps at a time or playfully climb from one side up to the other. It is fun!! Using the stairs can prove to be extremely beneficial for your spinal cord too.

Note: Check the stairs. They have to be even with smooth edges. Also, be mindful when climbing up the stairs to avoid tripping.

3) Spot running: (Aerobic)

Did you know that you could watch your favorite TV show and still do your aerobic exercise?

Try spot running. You have to wear the same gear as you do for walking…comfortable shoes and attire. Slowly begin running on the spot. Steadily increase. Your aim should be to hit your buttocks with your heel! You may move your hands for more aerobic functioning. Just remember not to stop suddenly. Slow down and cool off.

4)Jumping Jack(Aerobic)

No, we are not talking about the veteran Bollywood hero. However, this is the exercise he made famous!

Jumping Jack, as we would call, a “highly energetic happy jump” is an exercise almost all have done when we were kids. Today this exercise is an integral part of any boot-camp or circuit training class. Need we say more about the benefits?

Wear the same walking gear. Stand some place where you can jump easily. Stand with your feet together and arms by your side. Now simultaneously jump up spreading your legs far wide and raising your arms above your head. Without pausing, come back to your starting position and repeat this exercise.

You follow the same rule of slow, increase, steadily decrease. This exercise is not to be done if you have a knee or a hip problem

5)The Rower

Row, row, row your waist gently…

Funny, but you can actually row yourself to fitness! Try to work out on a rowing machine which can really help you achieve that perfect athletic body.

Or simply, sit down on the ground, legs straight out, back straight. Hold both your hands apart, straight out in front of you. Slowly move all the way in front, as much as you can, while pulling your arms back, as if you are rowing a boat. Come back up again. The back should be erect. Do it daily enough number of times to see any results.

The rowing exercise also is very beneficial for your cardiovascular health. It also helps to gain that desired control and strength. The legs and hips are a pivotal part of this working out. Your lower body plays an important role in providing you the needed dynamism.

Now here are the 5 most underrated exercises. Go try them out and trust us folks, you will not be disappointed.

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