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8 décor hacks to elevate the look of your space

Why do we spend so much time and money on decorating our homes? That is because; no one likes living in a dull place without any inspiration. It is as simple as that! But it is not always necessary to brainstorm too much or go beyond your budget to create a beautiful and comfortable abode. Simple yet creative ideas can do the trick as well. Be it your living room, bedroom, study, kitchen or bathroom, you just need to make sure that all the elements appear in harmony with each other. Nothing should be too overpowering or too insignificant. So here we have collated 8 clever ways to give your space the lift it needs.

1. Connect with nature – You will only benefit by going eco-friendly! Terracotta plants holding lush leafy greens, wood, cane or rattan furniture and rugs in earthy hues can ensure that any space looks soothing and natural. A vertical garden can be a very cool addition and it won’t take up much space too. Pick fabrics like cotton, soft jute or premium linen for your sofa or cushion covers and throws, to further enhance the cozy and environment-friendly feel. These are especially great for grave summers.

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2. Say hello to colours – Be bold and experiment with shades like red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, green, and so on. For instance, if you have sofas in a neutral shade, go for bright printed drapes or cushions to add some life and contrast to any space. Or keep everything else neutral and introduce a fiery red sofa to make a stunning statement. If you have a monochrome environment, a wall panel or a large painting in a rich tone can make a major difference.

3. Create the illusion of space – Sometimes, all you need to make a room seem bright and inviting are some large mirrors. Just make sure that you place them at least 8 to 10 inches above any furniture. You can choose from simple modern frames, golden or silver frames or richly carved wooden ones, depending on the décor style of your room or home. Try and hang the mirrors near large windows, so that they reflect the sunlight effectively.

4. Ideas for small spaces – Lightweight furniture or those crafted from acrylic can look great in a small space, making it seem less claustrophobic. Chairs with “airy” backs can do the trick too. Also, pick multifunctional or foldable pieces for tight nooks, so that people can move around easily without bumping into things.

5. Mix and match – Don’t be afraid to pair up different materials or textures like wood, steel, fur, silk and cotton to create a unique setting. Say, sofas with cotton upholstery can be paired with wooden coffee tables, metal pendant lamps and faux fur throws for a cozy yet exciting ambiance. It is also a clever idea to combine traditional or vintage furniture pieces with modern ones for an eclectic look and feel.

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6. Pay attention to walls – Walls speak volumes about your taste, personality, and your desires. So don’t ignore them when it comes to décor. Wallpapers, murals, paintings, mirrors, customized wall hangings and even vintage style plates are perfect for lending them a personality. Just make sure that you don’t crowd all the walls in a room, since that will give off a stuffy vibe. If you are trying to create a collage of family photos, pick only one wall to display all. You can also use texture paint to give a brand new look to any space. Light colors work well in small spaces, while dark colors are more apt for large rooms.

Textured wall

7. Let there be light – Lights play a crucial role in making or marring the look of any space. Depending on whether you want to create a bright exciting ambiance or a mellow relaxing one, you can choose from a variety of light fixtures. The right mix of pendant lights, down lights, indirect lights, task lights and table lamps can make for a very charming effect. You can also use colored lights to create different moods in just one room.

8. Repurpose old stuff – Do you have an old retro style dining set which has been tucked away somewhere in the attic? Or maybe you had woven some quilts as a hobby and forgotten all about them? In such cases, bring out your old things and figure out how you can repurpose them. Simply painting an old table in a vibrant shade can add tons of character to any space. Using patterned quilts as throws in the living room is also a wonderful idea. If wooden crates are lying around, paint them and use them as stools with seats on top. Don’t let your vintage crockery set or maybe a collection of globes pine away in one corner. Buy a simple shelf and display them proudly!

Making your home or any space look gorgeous and exclusive is not as daunting as it seems. All you need is to put these hacks to good use and create a memorable space for everyone.

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