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Make your dog love you more with these adorable toys

There is nothing like playing games to connect with your canine friend in a fun yet emotional way. Dogs need exercise and activities to stay sharp, fit and joyful. And for that, you need to get him or her some awesome toys, be it for chewing, catching or tugging. You also don’t want your pet to chew on sheets, shoes or rugs, when the mood strikes them!

Fortunately, from cotton bone ropes to cute latex animals, interesting balls and munchies, you can choose from a wide variety of happy treats for your pet. These playthings not only excite your dog with their shapes, colours and textures, but also boost their innate instincts of chasing, hunting, chewing and pulling. Read on to know more…

Dogspot Pet Toy – Cotton Bone Rope, Medium 

Made from premium quality cotton, these colourful ropes are stronger and more durable than ordinary rawhide chews, but are soft and safe for your canine companion too. The colours are safe for your pet. This rope can floss your dog’s teeth while he or she is chewing on it, thus preventing the deposition of tartar or plaque. Additionally, it can keep your pet from getting bored or stressful, and satiate its natural chewing urge. You can get this rope especially for medium-sized dogs.

Dogspot Dog Toy – Dura Fused Leather Racoon 

Sturdy and long-lasting leather along with reinforced lining make this toy perfect for high-energy games like fetch, catch, tug of war as they boost your dog’s hunting instinct. Leather is not only gentle on your pet’s gums and teeth, but it cleans and massages it as well. Since the material is soft, flexible yet strong, dogs can chew on them happily for hours, and the doubly stitched seams can prevent wears and tears. Heavy duty cotton thread is used for the seams, while no artificial colours are used to ensure your pet’s safety. The fun shape of this toy along with its texture and smell can excite your canine friend instantly, and it is well-suited for medium or big dogs.

Dogspot Pet Toy – Latex Chef Penguin

This adorable toy depicting a penguin wearing a bright yellow apron will become your pet’s favorite in no time! He or she can either play with it on his or her own or with others as well. Made from durable and robust latex, it is safe for your dog to chew and can be used easily both outside and inside the home. The penguin also makes a funny squeaking noise when chewed upon and the soft latex doesn’t harm your pet’s teeth or gums. Just make sure you buy it only for small breeds and it will keep them engaged for a long time.

Dogspot Pet Toy – Hol-ee Ball, Medium

Bright red in color, this interactive ball is best-suited for small or medium dogs. High quality, synthetic rubber has been used to craft this fun ball, and the material is both durable and non-toxic. The textured surface of the ball will pique your pet’s interest, and massage his gums gently as he chews on it. You can use the ball to play catch, fetch or bounce with your canine companion either inside or outside. Or simply let him or her play with the ball alone and stay occupied. This way, your dog won’t start chewing on your slippers or damaging expensive furniture.

Dogspot Pet Toy – Latex Buggle Fish, Red

This cute fish-shaped toy comes in a lively red hue and with big endearing eyes. Your pet would love to chew on it to relieve stress and keep boredom at bay, since the fish squeaks too. Made from toxin-free and robust latex, this toy is gentle in your dog’s mouth, massages his teeth and gums, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Since canine pets tend to get bored with the same toy, you can bring this home to get him or her super-excited.

Dogspot Pet Toy – Latex Happy Jungle Fowl

The playful shape and bright red colour of this happy fowl toy can make for awesome playtimes for your loving pooch. Made from superior quality latex, this toy is safe for your dog to chew on for hours. It also makes a squeaking noise, which adds to the excitement factor. Tough, durable yet soft, this jungle fowl is exactly what you need to keep your pet happy and active. Just make sure you buy this toy for small dogs, as it is best-suited for them.

Dogspot Dog Toy – Dura Fused Leather Crackle Horse

If you are looking for something exciting and yet long-lasting, this crackle horse is just the thing for your pooch. Double layers of real leather and seams stitched with hardy cotton thread make this toy very durable and safe to use. Your dog will love chewing on the leather and its smell and texture will excite him too. The toy is perfect for massaging your canine friend’s teeth and gums, and can come in handy while you are playing catch or fetch with him or her.

So there’s no excuse for your adorable pet to experience a single dull second. Gift these interesting and healthy toys to him or her, and enjoy the love they shower on you.

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