Beauty inspiration: Deepika’s smoky eye from Cannes Festival

Deepika Padukone’s debut to the Cannes Festival was nothing less than spectacular with her sporting the best of clothes and makeup. We still can’t get over how stunning she looked on the carpet with her smoky eye!

If you want to rock the smouldering look too but are pressed for time, here are some easy to follow tips…

Cream eye shadow
If you have absolutely no time, yet want a dramatic makeup for your eye, then use a long wear cream eye shadow. It is just a one-step smoky eye application. Choose a reflective charcoal toned eye shadow on the eye shadow base/primer for a longer staying power.

Powder eye pencil
If you have enough time for eye makeup, then begin with pencil eyeliner. Trace your top lash line from the outside in. Stay close to your lash and make sure there are no gaps. Apply in such a way that the line is thicker as you reach the outer corner. Take a pencil brush and smudge it out. Apply multiple coats of mascara and there you are ready with smoky eyes in just 5 minutes.

Matte powder shadow
Using a matte powder eye shadow intensifies and smokes out the eye makeup. On top of the smudged eye pencil, apply powder eye shadow in matte plum, brown or charcoal. Blend, blend and blend switching between both the eyes. This ensures that the final eye makeup is symmetrical.

To finish off the look, softly apply eye pencil to your water line. This helps in framing the eyes and highlights the elongated shape of your eyes.

If you have more time in hand, clean up all the fall outs if any using an eye cream or a cotton swab. Then apply corrective concealer and set it with setting powder. This will make your smoky eyes the focal point.

Once you get the hang of creating a fiery smoky eye, you will know that there is nothing sexier than a gorgeous smoky eye.

The secret to a perfect smoky eye is to blend really well. Your aim should be to create soft edges and absolutely avoid harsh lines.

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