Surprising ways of using lipstick other than on the lips

When it comes to makeup products, the lipstick is the most versatile of them all. This little vibrant wonder can be put to a myriad of uses. So, if you have a broken one, an almost empty one or they are simply lying around in the bottom of the bag, here is how to put them to good use.

As cream blush

Using lipstick as a cream blush is probably one of the best and well-known uses of a lipstick outside the lips. It is a smart trick to instantly get colour to your cheeks.

Just swipe a little lipstick on your cheek and blend it using your fingertips. You can also apply a little lipstick on the back of your hand, and rub with fingertips to warm it up and then pat on your cheeks.

As eyeshadow

If you have been planning to try any vampy shade on your eyelid, before splurging on any eye shadow why not dig into your lipstick collection? Use a q-tip or a stiff brush to pick up the lipstick colour and spread some of the shade across your eyelid. To prevent from creasing, apply some translucent powder and allow the lipstick to set on your eyelid.

Make coloured lip balm

If you are left with a very little of your favourite shade of lipstick but do not want to part with it, then here is an excellent idea to still use it till the last bit.

Mix it with Vaseline or any clear lip balm to make your own custom tinted lip balm.

As contour

If you have an unused earthy or taupe coloured lipstick lying in your drawer, then here is something you should know. While the shade may be hard to use on your lips, it is perfect to be used as a contour colour.

Use a stippling brush to swipe the lipstick along cheekbones, jaw and temples.

Even though lipstick is made exclusively for use on the lips, it can be used in many amazing ways. Do you know more surprising ways of using a lipstick besides on your lips?

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