8 Surprising Benefits of Green Tea

The A-lister when it comes to health drinks, green tea is all the rage today. We already know that this elixir is packed with antioxidants and helps in reducing weight. But if you need some more reasons to incorporate it into your diet, here they are…

Helps in the functioning of the brain:

Apart from the preventing diseases and protecting cells, green tea is also beneficial to the mind. Its caffeine acts as a stimulant, enhancing various aspects of brain functioning, including improved mood, memory, etc. The drink also contains the amino acid L-theanine, which works with caffeine for a better effect.

Plays a prominent role in decreasing various cardiovascular diseases:

Green tea lowers cholesterol levels as well as protects the LDL particles from decaying. Many researchers have shown that those who consumed it on a regular basis had a less chance of being afflicted by cardiovascular diseases.

Lowers the risk of cancer and various harmful diseases:

Cancer is still a big threat to human life. It is a proven fact that increasing the level of the antioxidants usually protects against this disease. Green tea as known to all to provide a high quotient of antioxidants. It thus aids in reducing the cause of harmful cancerous diseases like breast, colorectal and prostate cancer.

Protects you from old age diseases:

Green tea protects your brain from ageing during old age. It has been scientifically proven that the diverse range of the catechin organics in the drink help in protecting the brain, thus lowering the chances of diseases like Parkinsons and Alzheimers.

Lowers various bacterial infections:

The catechins in the green tea also consist organics which prevent many bacterial infections. These catechins play an important role in destroying harmful bacteria, lessening the chances of various infections or viruses like influenza.

Reduces the risk of diabetes:

It is now a known fact that diabetes is a fast spreading epidemic that affects millions of people. One of the causes is the spike in sugar level. Research has clearly shown that green tea can successfully improve insulin activity and regulate the sugar level in the body.

Helps to overcome obesity:

Studies have shown that green tea assists in curbing weight gain and overcoming the increasing problem of obesity. It has been proven to reduce excessive abdominal fat along with other unwanted fat. The drink also increases the metabolic rate, thus kick starting the weight loss process.

Can increase longevity:

Now that is some good news… Consuming green tea helps you live a longer and healthier life. As per a study published in Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, green tea was associated with longer life among Chinese people who reported consuming this drink at the age of 60.

So here is your cue to start drinking green tea. Just note: While a pregnant woman can enjoy this drink too, they need to watch their intake as it contains caffeine.

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