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7 lip-smacking tea recipes to try

Tea is the wake-up call for most of the people in India. Be it a time to relax, sitting in a small café with friends, standing on the roadside after college and even during a break, we all love a cup of tea with it. Among the most loved refreshing drinks, it is considered to be healthy as well.

Tomato tea

As the name says, this recipe’s main ingredient is tomato and that is something unique and a must try. A simple and tasty recipe for a perfect evening during this coming winter. It also helps in keeping cold at bay or even to soothe a sore throat.

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Milk tea with coffee jelly

Most of us love tea and coffee, and there a few who would go for either. But have you ever tried a mix of both? Well, here we have a refreshing cold tea recipe with coffee flavoured jelly in it. An easy and delicious recipe to try for a party or to relish on your own.

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Kesari chai

India is a country known for its spices and variety of flavourful food made from it. Be it a sweet or savoury, we love it both spiced up. Tea is one such drink that everyone likes with a pinch of ginger and cardamom. This recipe here takes it to the next level of blend with a dash of saffron and cinnamon as well. It’s tasty and healthy, especially during the winters to keep your body warm.

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Butter chai latte

A flavourful cup of tea with a set of different ingredients such as butter, coconut oil and vanilla essence to add to its taste. A creamy drink to try to enjoy a lazy weekend at home. It’s healthy and fulfilling and something to try for all those who love a rich cup of goodness.

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Spiced cranberry and lemon tea

A hot cup of tangy spiced tea is a perfect drink for this winter. It’s rich in vitamin C and antioxidants due to the ingredients it consists. A boost to your body during the winter to keep it warm and energised! This mouth-watering recipe is easy to make and can be enjoyed by the entire family.

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Layered milk tea

This amazing recipe can add a little wildness to our normal chai. A touch of hot chocolate, lemongrass and mint leaves can make all the difference to its taste. As the chocolate is heavy it sets at the bottom of the glass and the foamy milk sets on top forming layers. This tea is easy to make and can be enjoyed on any occasion.

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Detox haldi tea

We all know the health benefits of turmeric and especially during winter, it helps to improve our immune system towards common cold and other infections. It’s also an antiseptic medicine for external injuries as well. This recipe of tea helps you flush out toxins from your body. Having a touch of black pepper and ginger, it adds taste and good for a sore throat or for someone with a cold.

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Most of us start our day with a cup of tea and also enjoy when we need to relax our mind and body. Having learnt about so many new recipes, it’s definitely worth trying each to get through this winter by giving your taste buds something to savour.

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