5 Trending nail art designs of this season

Nail art has been something of a craze in the fashion industry since ages. It started off with trying on various shades and then graduated to layering them with art. Further enhanced with embellishments, it became a complete beauty and style trend of its own. From French manicured nails to overwhelming intricate designs, nails took over a part of the beauty section with multiple products made for its sole purpose. Let’s check out few of the trending designs for you to try this season.

Do it geometrically

Draw out those lines and shapes and fill them up with the nail colours of this season. A set of contrast colours and a few detailed shapes and edges is the goal for an everyday nail look. From filling out multiple shapes with different colours to alternating the shades on the fingers, it can give a casual and fun look. Keep them matte or glossy, both can look amazing with these designs. It’s suited for those with long and short nails.

Sparkling crystals

A perfect evening event or a wedding is the time to try out these styles. Polish those nails and coat them. Drizzle them with glitter or give them an elegant crystal touch with subtle or bold colours. People with long fingers and nails can match them with the colours of their finger or hand jewellery to highlight it. Be careful when you place the crystals or when applying the glitter as it might ruin the entire look if not done right.

Go wild and abstract

These styles can be carried out when you planning on a perfect night to party out. Splash on many shades and swish them with brush to form designs. You can even keep them simple by creating vague lines or shapes with minimal colours. Suiting your personality and the outfit your wear plan the look.(rephrase) Suitable for all types of nails, this style of nail art can be expressive and bold.

Minimal touch

Nude or pastel colours with a simple design or even a coat of transparent polish with a few small and prominent art on it can be an interesting everyday look. Get the soft and subtle style by alternating contrasting shades to your fingers with a minimalistic designs on it. It suits any kind of nails and is trending this season. Get creative with this look and rock it.

Bold holography

Shimmering holographic nails are one of the most happening trends. These shade reflects multiple hues under different lights and is perfect for an evening or party wear. Even if you prefer to keep your attire and makeup simple, these can add all the glam to your style. It suits all kind of nails and it’s easy as all you need to do is double coat your nails with it. You don’t have to add in an extra element as just the polish will make it look bold.

The art of styling your nails is definitely soothing and fun. Not only does it highlight your look and personality, but it also lets you bring out your artistic side. There are a lot accessories trending just to enhance your fingers as well. Let your nails speak for themselves now with these designs!



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