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7 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Save You Serious Time

Given that everyone is so busy nowadays, cooking is a pleasure when your kitchen is fully equipped with all modern innovations or smart appliances. No one really wants to waste a lot of time and energy in chopping vegetables or frying snacks for a long time. Quick and easy are the mantras of the modern home chefs.

Fortunately, manufacturers of kitchen appliances realize this and bring you a wide variety of technological fixes for all kinds of meals. From toasters to hand blenders, food processors, electric kettles, rice cookers, and air fryers, there is something for everyone. Let’s take a look at 7 such inspiring kitchen gadgets that can save a lot of your time and enable you to whip up delicious dishes easily.

1. Preethi Turbo Chop, 450 watt – Chopping vegetables is no sweat thanks to Turbo Chop, which gets it done in seconds! Available in white and purple, this chopper features 450W of power, 230V of operating voltage and is extremely efficient. The body is made from robust plastic, while the stainless steel blades chop veggies evenly. This device also comes with safety locking system, inbuilt motor protector and warranty. So now you can prepare salads, stews and curries in the bat of an eye.

2. Krutan Electric Kettle – Stainless Steel, Assorted Colour, 1.8 ltr – Offered in electric blue, bold red, bronze and white, this electric kettle is a lifesaver when you need to make tea, coffee or simple boiled water in a jiffy. With a long-lasting stainless steel body and commendable capacity, it ensures that you get to entertain many guests at the same time. Its automatic on/off switch with a light indicator goes off when the water is boiled. The kettle also features a hinged lock lid and provision for storing the cord.

3. Wonderchef Prato Multicook Kettle, 1.2 ltr – Preparing a light meal is a cakewalk with this multicook kettle, as it can help you make tea, coffee as well as noodles and soups. This multifunctional wonder comes with overheating protection, is cordless and has a base that turns a complete 360 degrees. Crafted with strong stainless steel, this kettle should be cleaned when it has cooled down. You can use a dampened cloth to clean the base and exterior. The inside can be cleaned with some detergent mixed in water.

4. Wonderchef Gas Oven Tandoor Duo by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor – Now you can both bake and prepare yummy tandoori dishes on your stove with this ingenious device. Cooking in this requires very little oil and produces no smoke or smell. This gas oven distributes heat evenly, is easy to clean, and features non-stick pans and a see-through glass lid. It is a great way to cook healthily and without any hassle.

5. Preethi Electric Cooker – Rangoli, 1.8 ltr – No more wasting time while preparing delicious curries, soups, halwa, pongal or pulao. This electric cooker comes with thermoseal cooking, is resistant to temperature and power fluctuations and is very robust. Made from premium quality plastic and steel, it offers 1 year warranty and is available in an elegant white hue. To clean, take out the pot from the cooker and wash it with warm water and soap. Then dry it and put it back in the cooker; wipe the outside of the cooker with a dampened cloth.

6. – The time you spend in the kitchen to make breakfast can be greatly reduced with this smart toaster. Equipped with automatic shut-off and adjustable browning control, this modern machine toasts four bread slices in one go. The toasts pop up when done. The toaster is premium quality and comes with 2-year warranty and 1400W of power. Before cleaning, wait for it to cool down. Never dunk it in water, and especially not when it is plugged in. Avoid inserting a knife into any part of the toaster to clean crumbs, as this can damage its components.

7. Wonderchef Caruso Digital Air Fryer – Besides its amazing health benefits, this air fryer will wow you with its rich purple hue. As the name suggests, this device allows you to prepare healthy snacks with minimal oil and without deep frying. It comes with an easy timer and an automatic shut off feature, which add to your convenience. You will also receive a non-stick food basket, a non-stick pan and a recipe book with this one. Make French fries, samosas, fried chicken, cheese balls and more with this unique fryer.

Preparing awesome dishes everyday is not only satisfying, but also brings a big smile on the faces of your loved ones. And with the gadgets mentioned here, you can achieve this without wasting precious time or feeling exhausted. So, pick the ones you love the best and get started!

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