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Interesting products that aid in portion control (and thus weight loss)

When it comes to losing weight, only persistent actions and self-control can help you succeed. If you keep an eye on your calorie intake, you can get one step closer to your fitness goal. And by cutting down the portion sizes, you can avoid consuming more calories.

Here are 10 products that aid in portion control and thus in weight loss. Don’t die starving; eat in appropriate proportions and you can win the weight loss game with ease!

Use a scoop spoon

Every now and then, you might want to indulge in some big cup of sundae ice cream. But that’s too much of sugar and all the things you shouldn’t be eating. Get a brick of ice cream and take a scoop of it into your cup. This is the best way to enjoy the dessert. Also, by doing so, you will get a control of the quantity of ice cream.


Cook in a mug

Almost everybody is learning to bake these days. From pasta dishes to yummy cakes, there are many items you can make at home. But consider this: if you bake in those big-sized tins and pans, you will end up eating all of it. Whenever you’re cooking something in the microwave or baking something in the oven, do so in a mug. This will cut the portion down, and once done, you know you’ve not overeaten.

Maintain a food diary

A lot of us tend to either overeat or starve ourselves and end up having an unhealthy relationship with food. To avoid this, note down whatever you eat in a day, including the number of teas. This will help you resolve the issue in a better way, and make you alert of the bad food habits that you might have.

Take a contrasting plate

Some researches have proved that when you eat in a contrasting plate, you notice what you’re eating on time and learn to stop. For example, if you eat rice in a white plate, you can end up overeating it, especially when you’re at a party or wedding. But if you eat rice in a red-coloured plate, you can easily keep a check on it.


Eat your salad in a jar

 When you’re eating something healthy, like a salad, you should opt for a full-sized container. Layer your salad in a mason jar or a transparent jar with ingredients like chickpeas, spinach leaves, tomatoes, shallots, etc. And take this jar to work, if you’ve no time to eat at home. This will encourage you to eat healthy things even more, in the right quantity.

Fun soup bowls to make things interesting

How can you miss a hot bowl of soup with loads of veggies in it? If you want to lose weight, soups should be consumed on a regular basis. And an interesting bowl with fun patterns will only add to the experience. You can also eat your other meals in this bowl, for example, dal chawal with roasted vegetables or create a Buddha bowl with colourful food items. This way, eating healthy can look interesting, and help you be on track.

Grab a small plate

One way to keep a check on the portion sizes is by opting for a small plate. This can automatically cut down the portion size, and help you in a big way. So, the next time you are at a party or with a group of friends, make sure you don’t go overboard. Just take the half plate or small plate, fill it up and eat to your heart’s content. Same goes for drinks. Grab the shot glasses or small glasses when you’re indulging in cocktails. This way, you can maintain a healthy balance, even when you are having fun with your friends.

Use measuring cups

Apart from food wastage, when you randomly measure food items before cooking them, you can end up overeating later. To avoid this, always use measuring cups and spoons. This will give you a precise idea of what sizes you need to go for, and you’ll have lesser food leftovers.


Pick up the small sugar spoon

Sugar is one of the culprits that can lead to various diseases including obesity. One of the measures that you can take is by replacing your sugar spoon with a smaller one. So, when you put sugar in your teas, coffees and dishes, you will be conscious and add less sugar.

Unload the snack packet into a small bowl

When you pick a packet of baked chips, you’re not supposed to eat the entire packet. Many of us have a wrong notion that eating healthier food alternatives is the main concern, but reducing your portion size is even more important. The right way to indulge in your favorite foods by limiting the portions. So, when you eat chips, make sure you add them in a small bowl and eat that much only. This will help you control on what’re eating. Always carry one in your purse, and use it when you eat fried items at work or while traveling.

By the end of it, you will be surprised what a huge difference these simple tricks will make.

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