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Why Organic Food is good for you

Why it is that people are suddenly getting more aware and reaching out for ‘organic food’? How is it different from what we normally put on our plates? Is it actually more beneficial as we are told?

In simple terms, organic food is normally grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, petroleum- based pesticides, bioengineered genes, etc. The crops are natural and there is no chemical interference is cultivating the produce.

Is it the new normal?

Perhaps, yet lot is left to be wondered. Many questions are raised trying to figure out why the consumption of organic food is fast gaining popularity with every passing day.

Here is why:

A 2002 University of Missouri study revealed that organically grown foods are more nutritious as compared to non-organic food.
It stated that naturally grown crops are fused with 30% more essential minerals, phytonutrients, and vitamin C and other healthy elements making it good for health. Which simply translates into organic food having an incredible range of health benefits besides being anti-inflammatory, protecting against allergies, arthritis, heart disease, cancer and more. The study also revealed that the food contained 15.1% lesser nitrates and heavy metals than normally seen in conventional food. Someone, please give me organic bananas!

The phytonutrients (plant compounds) protect both plants as well as people who consume such plants. The process of organic farming boosts and energizes these important nutrients by feeding the soil, composting, cover cropping, etc., making the plants strong enough to fend off the pests and remain healthy. Organically grown fruits and vegetables contain more antioxidants as a defense and repair mechanism.

Conventional farming doesn’t use such building blocks. Instead, pesticides like insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, etc., are sprayed which weakens these plants and blocks its ability to synthesize these important plant compounds.

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Should I really make that shift?:

Well, we leave it to your best judgment. But here are some pointers that could help in taking a decision.

Watch out, there is a ‘pest’ on your plate…

With changing times and modern advancements, farming methods have begun utilizing the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides thus significantly altering the farming practices and our diet. Pesticides and herbicides that are very toxic in nature make their way into your food and eventually your body.

Oh, GMO…

GMOs are created by combining DNA of different species that does not occur by traditional cross-breeding. This type of genetic engineering alters crops to make them weather and pest resistant. This process also uses synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, and killer chemicals to control worms and insects that damage crops instead of natural techniques.

Animal products are no different. Most livestock is fed a combination of soy and corn, which is 90% GMO. Their feed also contains hormones and antibiotics. Dairy cows are given a genetically- engineered bovine growth hormone to boost milk production. This causes infections.

So, how can we hope for optimal health?

Opt for the healthier choice:

Luckily, we have a healthier choice. So let us cleanse our body of toxic residues by slowly substituting our diet with organic foods.

Shall we begin…

Get natural: Reduce toxic build up:

Whatever be your diet, organic foods would be a smart choice. Buy food that is infused with nutrition, taste, and is chemical free. While all these points get our robust vote for health benefits, may we add here that organic production is eco-friendly as well as farm animal- friendly as they maintain the quality of the soil.

Better tasting and more nutritious

Organically grown foods are generally tastier. This is because the soil they are grown on is well-nourished, free of toxins and well balanced to produce healthy, strong plants. This is especially true with produce grown on small farms where vegetables are cultivated for taste more than appearance.

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So, what do we do?

Turn to the healthier choice…

While you may not be able to immediately substitute your diet with organic food, you can at least make a small start. Begin by saying the word and slowly you will find yourself gravitating to the shelf that flaunts organic food.

Instead of the price tag, look at it as an investment and those doctors’ bill you will not have to pay. Actualize “health is wealth”.

Be alert when you are buying your monthly grocery. Check the labels. Leap with joy when it says ‘organic’ and with lightening speed put it in your shopping cart.

If your family notices that their food tastes better, smile and take the compliment…thank your decision later.

And as they get healthier by the day, you should know you are doing something right….so, go ahead make the smart choice…Go Organic

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